You Can Learn to Smile Again

Everybody needs someone who can make them laugh when they think they’ll never smile again.

One of the things we do a lot when we’re a baby is smile. As we grow up, we begin smile just to smile. As we get even older, we also smile for different reasons. Those reasons include meeting new people, going on trips, playing video games, trying new foods, spending time with our children, parents, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, watching a new movie, getting a gift, spending time in nature etc. There are so many reasons for us to smile. However, different things will happen to us that will cause us to frown and be sad. Those things can be so tough to deal with that as time goes on we forget how to smile. Even after the dark clouds pass, we still may not still be smiling even if good things are happening to and around us.

Why Am I Having Trouble Smiling?

You would think that smiling is something that all of us can do with no effort right? Well unfortunately that’s not the case. We get hurt by different people in our lives. Could a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, co-worker, student, friends, etc. If your having trouble smiling after something bad that happened to you, your most definitely not alone. There are so many people who are in the same predicament. I myself have been in that spot numerous times. I bet there are people in your life who are having trouble smiling after something bad happened to them as well. Even embarrassment and humiliation can make us frown especially if it’s from friends and family. The hurt can be sudden and long lasting to different degrees. The more people who are involved in hurting you, the worse you can feel. Some people will hurt you without a reason which, in my opinion, is worse than knowing the reason. The closer you are to someone, the hurt is worse because you developed a strong bond with them and you trusted them. You may have told this person or people some personal things about you that you wouldn’t have told anyone else; maybe not even your parents.

Going through this kind of emotional pain can stop us from smiling. The pain of losing a pet or someone can stop you from smiling too. It’s ok to be sad during these times. Sadness is not a sign of weakness. This emotion can help us grow as a person which can help us move forward and find happiness again. As I mentioned, after the dark clouds from the storm have passed, we may still find it hard to smile. We can still be grieving from the loss and the hurt which makes it hard to smile. Emotional pain from people we trust, we care for, we love, can stick around longer than getting hurt by someone we barely know or a stranger. Losing a pet we have had for years and helped us through tough times can be really tough to deal with. If you think you can’t bounce back from sadness to happiness in a day for example, that’s fine. Getting hurt by someone or someone passing away takes time to deal with. Afterwards, you may have forgotten how to smile. Don’t feel embarrassed if you have to re-teach yourself how to smile.

Here’s some ways to help you smile again if your having trouble and need to relearn how to:

  • Be around the right person or people
  • Watch something that will make you laugh
  • Do things you enjoy
  • Meditate
  • Pray
  • Read something inspirational
  • Laugh at yourself
  • Get get reacquainted with yourself


Surround yourself with people who love and respect you. Kindness is a powerful trait people can give you. You can also give it to someone as well, remember that. These people will be there for you when you need them. I know a friend who makes me smile just by being herself. Her personality cheers me up. I’m sure there are people in your life who are like that.

Watching a movie, TV show, a video on the internet of something funny can cheer you up. Maybe it’s a funny scene from your favorite movie, a funny Tik Tok video, only you know. They say laughter is the best medicine. I’m sure there’s people in your life that can make you laugh. Another option would be to try laughing at yourself. I’m sure there’s things that you do the you can find the humor in. Maybe these things are something you do on a daily basis when you’re at work, school, or in public, with friends, family. Even if it’s something small, chuckling at yourself can help turn that frown upside down.

I’m sure you have a hobby and things you like to do with others or by yourself. Doing these things brings some kind of joy to you. I mentioned in a previous post that you should do what you can to create your own joy. If being around others isn’t an option, which is probably true due to the lockdown in quarantines in the world, do something you know you will like and bring you happiness no matter what is going on.

Meditation can help clear your mind and slow down your thoughts. A clear mind can help free you from unwanted stress that may have come from being hurt by someone or some other problem your having. Praying, for those of you who are religious and spiritual, can be helpful. Talking to God and praying for yourself and others you care about can help bring guidance, peace of mind, and clarity which can lead to happiness, which can lead to smiling again.

I have found reading inspirational quotes to be helpful in smiling again. Some of the quotes I have been reading have described different things and problems I have dealt with in the past and recently. They help me feel that I’m not alone and that I can get through my troubles and it’s ok to not have everything together. These quotes have helped me get reacquainted with myself. Slowing down and taking a break from things to spend time with yourself can help you figure out how you think about things, your likes and dislikes, your morals and values, the next path you should take in your life, clarity on the path you already are on, and who are your true friends in life. Figuring some things out about yourself can take unwanted stress, toxic thoughts, and lies away and help you smile.

Final Thoughts and Sum Up

It is possible to smile again after being hurt, losing someone, or going through a tough time in your life. If you’ve got good friends, family, good health, be grateful for that and that can help you smile again. I found spending time in nature and appreciating its beauty brings a smile to my face; maybe it could do the same for you. Try writing down your thoughts and see if that clears your mind and helps you smile. You would think that one simple gesture would be easy to do and yet it’s a real tough challenge for people to pull off.

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  1. Just making your mouth smile makes you feel better, even if you don’t feel like it. I always start with the action instead of the feeling. Really liked this post.

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