Moving on From People

If you ever feel like your no longer important to someone…then leave their life silently

We meet a lot of people in our life. There are those we meet and play with when we are children. There are those we meet and hangout with when we are teenagers. We meet more people when we get a job and go off to college, or just when we enter the real world in general. All these people we meet don’t always stick around. People go there separate ways; after elementary school, middle and high school, college, getting a new job, move away, pretty much as time goes on. Now there are people who you don’t want to leave your life, yet they do. This can be for various reasons. Then there are those people who hurt you and you have to move on from them in order to heal and move forward.

People and Friends Come and Go

I can tell you that your not alone if you have ever been in a situation where you have to move on from someone or had to say goodbye to them. I would say pretty much everyone in the world has been in this situation. If they say they haven’t, they’re probably lying. People don’t always stay in their hometown. People move to new places. There are people who they want to forget that they ever met, especially those who did them wrong.

With social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for example, it’s easier to keep in touch with people. Yet there is a disconnect when you can’t hangout with these people in real life. The feeling isn’t exactly the same for some people, but not all.

Life happens; it’s the eternal river. People go there separate ways as I mentioned. Everyone is on a different path. The two or multiple paths can be the same. Yet there are forks in the road; you go on one path and the other person or people go the other way. Don’t let this get you down though, there are new people you will meet on the path your on.

Those Who Hurt You

Now there are those who hurt you and you want to put that behind you so you can move forward in your life. This can be difficult to do especially if you invested a lot of time and energy into getting to know them. You may have been in a long or short term friendship, relationship, or marriage with this person. If the person or people meant a lot to you, it can be hard to forget them.There are places where you remember having fun conversations with them, places where you made memories with them, and places where you both were open and vulnerable to each other. There are songs that remind you of this person or people which can be tough to listen to. The car they drive, favorite animal, color, movie, TV show, etc are reminders which can be tough to forget. These reminders can be called triggers which can be safe and unsafe. A safe trigger can be seeing or hearing something that reminds you of the person, but it doesn’t cause you to get stressed out and very anxious; you may feel a sting, but nothing severe. An unsafe trigger is pretty much the same thing, except you do get stressed out, very anxious, and sometimes can’t function correctly. You may experience difficulty breathing, light-headedness, and you may have trouble concentrating and focusing on things even simple ones.

Here are some ways to help you move on from people who have hurt you and those to go on a different path than yours:

Acceptance is one of the things that will help you move forward. If you have a friend who has moved away and are unable to go with them, you just have to accept it. Your financial situation may not allow you to move with them. You may be fine living in the country, the other person wants to live in a city or vice versa. Accepting the situation will help you move forward in your life instead of being stuck in a rut.

Delete or block them on your social media accounts. Delete them off of your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or SnapChat accounts. This way you’re not being reminded of them. You also have the option of returning things or throwing things away you were given by the other person. Delete or throw away photos of them if you need to. Severing ties with the other person can help you from getting hurt again.

Meeting new people can help you move forward and create new memories. They can help you to live in the present, not the past. The void you may be feeling, could be filled by a new person and new people.

Distance yourself physically and emotionally if you have to. Sometimes being by yourself can help you clear your mind and help you find inner peace with yourself. Try staying off the internet and social media.

Make sure severing ties is what you really want to do. You may be in a position where you’re in a relationship, friendship, or marriage that has become toxic for you and you are hurting. If you truly believe ending the relationship, friendship, or marriage is going to help you get better, not be held back, and heal then I would recommend you do that if any type of communication has failed to fix things.

Wrapping Up

As I said people come and go in your life. There are people who are only meant to be in your life for a short amount of time. They may be there to help you learn something whether it’s about yourself or a form of education and that’s it. Those who have hurt you can be tough to move forward from. It takes time and the process can’t be rushed especially if you invested a lot of or some of your time and energy into this person or people. So let me ask you something, is there someone or people in your life that you would feel much better letting go, not being held back by them, and start healing from?

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