I’m Afraid of Being Happy…Huh?

So for the first video discussion, it’s about being afraid of being happy. It’s from Meech from ‘On the Radar’.

The first sentence he says, I’ll admit I had to let that sink in myself. Why would anyone be afraid of being happy? You would think everyone wants to be happy right? Well unfortunately that’s not the case.

In the video, he talks about how happiness is foreign to some people. They only know how to think negative thoughts and are pessimistic about life.

They find comfort in being overwhelmed with stress. They find comfort in anger, depression, and agitation. People don’t want to come out of it because as bad and crappy as they feel, it’s comforting for them.

He brings up that we embrace depression and that we subconsciously stay in it and like it. I personally believe that is a thing because I have done that myself a number of times in my life.

Happiness is so foreign to people that he mentions that people are so afraid of it because they don’t know how to cope with it, respond to it, and deal with it. They don’t believe that it’s real. They are expecting things to go bad. So instead of enjoying the moment, they are completely dismissing it entirely. They are just waiting for things to go bad and putting all there energy and focus into that mindset.

Oddly enough, he mentions that when you’re around other people with that same negative mindset, the negative things that are talked about, both people are more likely to agree with one another. You can say that people feed off of each other’s negativity.

What I found interesting is that a if your too positive toward someone with this negative mindset, you can turn those people away. You could say that people who are used to being around negative people get turned away from any bit of positively optimism from them.

If you have felt this way or feel this way currently, your not alone. I have felt like this; I know friends who felt like this. There are people in this world who are like this. People who are in abusive relationships are like this. You may see people like this everyday in different areas of your life. Sometimes we notice them and sometimes we don’t. These people could be closer to us than we think.

I hope you all have enjoyed this first discussion post. I hope to do more of these in the future. Take care of yourselves and remember you are not alone and you have worth in this world.

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