Video Time: Listen, Show Sympathy, Don’t Give Advice

Hey guys, I hope you all are doing well. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I did; it was a mellow one though, but still nice.

It’s been a while since I did one of these kind of posts. During my social media hiatus, one of the things I worked on was how to be a better listener in terms of how to show sympathy and empathize with people rather than just giving out advice and immediately solving their problems. I found that people feel better when they have someone who will hear them out. This can consist of a rant, a vent, an explanation, or a simple conversation.

Emphasizing with someone’s problems can be a better solution than solving the problems themselves. This helps people realize that they aren’t alone with certain problems, issues, and struggles and it helps them see that there are people out there who care about other people more clearly.

Here are three videos that discuss how to be a better listener, why offering advice all the time to every problem isn’t always helpful, and a way to restate what someone has said to you to show that you really heard them and eliminate the ‘I’m right and your wrong’ concept.

I hope these videos have been helpful. A lack of communication can result from people not fully listening to each other. This can spark problems, unnecessary arguments, and unwanted stress. Showing more empathy and sympathy toward people can make a world of difference than just solving their issue. Take care of yourselves, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.

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