The Schedule

So after blogging for over a year. I’ve been brainstorming a schedule of when and what I want to post things so you guys can know what days things get added.

Here’s the breakdown:

Sunday – Question of the week post

Monday – New topic post

Symbolism post

Videos post

Video Discussion

(Each of these types of posts will rotate each week)

Wednesday – Good Vibes post

Friday – Here’s Something Interesting Post

As you noticed, I’m introducing a new type of post called ‘Here’s Something Interesting’. These posts will be short and have some scientific facts about why we feel the way we do and why we act in ways you wouldn’t normally think.

Food for Thought posts are going to be random for weekdays since they will be short and my goal is to write them up when I hear or read something eye opening and intriguing.

I’m aiming to have all my posts be posted in the morning around 11, noon, or in between EST U.S. time unless stated otherwise. Question of the week posts however will be posted around 10 a.m. EST U.S. time.

The schedule will be in the ‘About Me’ tab near the bottom and will be updated when and if needed.

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