Video Discussion: Music Speaking Your Mood

This video discussion is a bit different. This one relates to a piece of music from a video game called Astral Chain. I played this game back when it came out in August 2019. This piece of music spoke to me and it perfectly fitted the mood I was feeling at the time. I used this piece of music as a headliner for this post.

This piece of music is called Astral Plane. Here is a picture of the what the place looks like in the game.

When you’re experiencing different emotions, your mood of course is affected by them. You can feel happy, jealous, energetic, calm, satisfied, sad, angry, fatigued, etc. This particular piece of music speaks to me as being sad, being in a state of confusion and deep thinking, as well as being satisfied.

When you’re experiencing emotions, sometimes it’s best to let them ride out. Well letting them ride out is one thing, but sometimes you still feel the need to express them. Words and actions are ways to express them, but just sitting down, walking around, or laying down and listening to music is another way.

If your feeling sad, listening to sad music (like a piano being played slowly) can fit the mood your feeling. You may not want to hear anything that sounds loud or upbeat. If your feeling joyful, maybe listening to a sad piano isn’t a good idea.

Sometimes you don’t know how to describe how your feeling. Music is an outlet for people to be creative and to express their feelings. Different kinds of music speak to people. When you hear certain pieces of music, you may say things like ‘that music describes how I’m feeling right now’, ‘that music fits the mood I’m feeling’.

Wrap Up

So if you have had trouble expressing yourself with words and actions, try listening to music. If you let music express how your feeling, your not alone. Music is something that I use to express my mood. Words can be difficult to come up with because your not feeling one emotion entirely. You can feel 60% sad, 25% calm, and 15% jealous for example. Songs can have lyrics that speak to you on various levels. Listening to music without lyrics can be just as helpful.

I hope this has been informative and eye opening for you. Take care, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.

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