Video Discussion: Facing Your Trauma to Heal

This video is from a recent episode of the Flash. To set things up for those who don’t watch the show, this is an testimony from one of the main characters. The character is Iris West-Allen played by Candice Patton.

Spoiler Alert:

Last season, she was taken against her will by the main villian into what’s known as the Mirrorverse. It’s a dimension where everything looks the same, but incompatible to those not from it. The human mind can be wrapped to where an individual is no longer recognizable and is psychologically harmed to a big degree.

Iris spent 3 months there unable to call for help. Eventually, her husband Barry Allen a.k.a the Flash, frees her from the Mirrorverse and defeats the villian who kidnapped her and saves many other innocent people who were taken as well. However, Iris hadn’t dealt with the trauma she experienced. This video is Iris giving her testimony about her experience in the Mirrorverse to other survivors. Her testimony ends at 2:40. If you want to see the rest go ahead.


Trauma is something we all unfortunately deal with at some point in our lives. We get hurt and betrayed sometimes by those we love and care about. We have people who pass away sometimes unexpectedly and sudden, we encounter situations that traumatize us with fear, sadness, and guilt. We see things so horrifying that we wish we didn’t see and would do anything to forget them.

I’ve dealt with some traumas in my life that I still remember today. I still remember the triggers and the feelings I was experiencing at the time like they just happened yesterday. Your not alone; your most definitely not alone. There are many others out there who have experienced trauma and the same traumas you experienced or are currently going through right now.

The Feelings of Trauma

Though Iris was taken to another dimension, she still experienced loneliness and dread like the others who were abducted. We don’t always have to be taken to an unknown place to experience those feelings. We can experience those feelings in places that are comfortable and known to us. Our favorite resturant, school, park, church, even our homes.

Iris was feeling angry and sorry for herself and hating that she was feeling like that. She thought that once she was saved and back home that all the bad feelings would go away and she would be healed and whole again. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case; like her many of us think that if were rescued from a bad and scary place whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual that we feel better.

What I find powerful about her testimony is that she says that she can’t heal unless she gives herself permission to feel those bad feelings. I love how the writers wrote that. One would think why do I need to give myself permission to feel my feelings? A good question, yet the answer lies on our personality.

Who We Are

If were someone who has a sunny disposition on life, we may inadvertently think that we don’t let bad things affect us and that we can easily shrug them off. Others see us as not having a problem in the world and that we’re happy all the time. Yet were still human and we are not immune to negative emotions.

People who smile, laugh, goof around with friends and family, and have fun are not immune to bad feelings. They may hide their feelings from others even those close to them because they may be scared how others will perceive them. They think others will think things like ‘she doesn’t get mad, she’s always helpful and kind’, ‘he’s so happy, he doesn’t have any problems’, or ‘he doesn’t know what disappointment is because nothing ever goes wrong for him’.

We have to be honest with ourselves. We have to be able to express and go through those bad uncomfortable feelings even if they go against our nature. Were human and we are allowed to feel all the emotions in the world. Some we express and feel more than others and that’s fine. A person who rarely gets mad is allowed to get mad, no one can tell him or her otherwise.

I personally have seen people in my life who are happy and helpful get upset and annoyed every now and then. It doesn’t happen often, but I remember that they are not immune to those feelings, they are allowed to feel that way, they’re not perfect, and they are human.

The lines ‘If you are hurting, if you feel angry, if the constant presence of those emotions is exhausting you, you are not alone. I am with you’ speak volumes to me. These lines are like the foundation of this blog. I have experienced hurt and anger and those feelings have caused me fatigued and exhaustion.

Wrap Up

There is beauty on this life; that’s a fact. Sometimes when were dealing with trauma, it becomes harder to see that beauty because our mind can be clouded up with negativity and darkness. As Iris puts it, looking for the beauty within each other is very helpful. Though it may take some time, I guarantee you that it helps because it helped me 2 years ago. That time spent together with others who have gone through what you are going through or are currently going through what it is your going through is an opportunity to help one another and to keep each from falling down again.

Take care, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.

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