Food for Thought: Being Challenged = Change

You probably have heard how you need to challenge yourself to new things. You may also have heard that change can be a good thing. Have you heard the phrase, you can’t change unless your challenged? Maybe you haven’t heard this phrase before or heard this exact wording; I know I didn’t.

We all go through all kinds of different challenges and trials in our lives. Experiencing a new thing is a trial itself; you can consider it a challenge as well depending on what it is. Theses challenges and trials can help us grow and expand our horizon of skills and knowledge.

Change is something that people embrace and fear. Change can be enriching, but also scary. We can be heavily involved in our ways and routines that we put off or ignore any kind of change. Change can mean taking yourself of our comfort zone into the new or unknown.

So back to the phrase, you can’t change unless your challenged. Family members, teachers, employees, students, mentors, friends, spouse, your boyfriend, or girlfriend will challenge you directly or indirectly. Some will challenge you to learn a new skill, to be a better person, or to feel and express your emotions.

People will push you out of your comfort zone, not to make you feel uncomfortable, but to expand your horizon. They may want to help you see things in a new perspective or from their point of view. They want to help you grow. We can get stuck in our mental, spiritual, emotional, even our physical growth and not realize it. Those who care about us and our well being only want to help in the best way they can.

Sometimes its easy to accept change, sometimes its hard. Those we know and don’t know are on the same playing field. Sometimes its easier to change for the better by strangers encouraging us those we care about. Sometimes its the opposite; everyone is different. Now there are many other ways a person can change. You can read something new, learn new things by doing them, watch another person do something, or hear someone explain it to you. Change can be a good thing, but remember don’t change the core morals and values that make you unique and special.

Take care, stay safe, and remember that your not alone and you have worth in this world.

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