Food for Thought: Your Not Alone, We’re All Doing Something Different Together

Throughout the time I started this blog, the main idea ‘your not alone’ hasn’t changed. I have talked about various topics where someone can feel alone. Various factors, circumstances, events can make us feel alone directly and indirectly. Just remember, your not the only one who is dealing or feeling whatever it is that your going through or even have went through.

We are all doing something different together. We are all on different paths in our life. Sometimes those paths cross each other, sometimes are paths are alongside each other.

Just because your friend is doing something different than you, that doesn’t mean that they have abandoned or forgotten about you. Your life can be really busy with work, school, both, or even raising children, for example while your two friends from college are traveling the world and going to different events in your community. You can feel down and alone because you don’t see them as much or hang out like you all used to.

They are on a different path than you and that is fine. It doesn’t mean their path is better than your path or your path is better than theirs. This idea can be misconstrued and that is where stress and anxiety can come in and make us feel bad about ourselves.

You have to live your life and your circle of friends and family have to live theirs. You have your priorities and things to get done and manage just like everyone else. Every life path is unique and different. Your doing something different than the person sitting right in front of you and that person is doing something different than the person across the room. We all may be doing something different, but as a collective, we’re doing it together.

Take care, stay safe, and remember that your not alone and you have worth in this world.

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