Quote Breakdown 2

So here’s another quote break down. Sorry for not posting last week. I was recovering from Covid and getting my strength back. Here’s a quote that I personally can relate to.

Now one may think, ‘well I can’t be tough if I’m fragile’. ‘Tough’ and ‘fragile’ are words that don’t go together I know. Some people believe that to be tough they can’t have any emotions affecting their mindset. Vulnerability is a concept that I have talked about before.

To be fragile is to be vulnerable which is scary. Being vulnerable means revealing your true self and true feelings with no filters. Some people are highly concerned with others judging them and not feeling accepted.

Those who do embrace vulnerability are the tough ones. If you do struggle with being vulnerable to others, your not alone. People at various ages young and old struggle with this concept.

The second part of the quote is similar to the first part. Being tender toward another person and toward oneself is a trait that not everyone has. In other words, having the ability to be patient with yourself and others is wonderful. It also means that you are able to be gentle with yourself and not hard on what you do or say.

Now how does being tender mean you are fierce? The word fierce is just another way of symbolizing strong emotional strength and personal growth. I hope this break down wasn’t too hard to understand.

Take care, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.

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