Symbolism: Like a Broken Bone Needs Time to Heal Self-Care Needs Time Too Heal Wounds

Have you ever sprained your leg or broken your arm? If yes, then you know that those injuries took some time to heal. Well when your healing from any kind of emotional pain or trauma, any form of self-care will need time to take effect.

Self-Care: Why it’s Important to Stick with the Process

Any kind of self-care is helpful to your well-being. Reading a book, hanging out with friends and family, watching your favorite movie, taking a nap, etc, are different forms of self-care. Though it can be tough for some people to stick with any kind of self-care routine.

Self-care routines are helpful for overcoming different kinds of trauma, mental harm, and pain. However, they need time to work. For example, one relaxing bath may help recover from a bad at school. That bath probably may not help you fully recover from 9 months of domestic abuse.

Depending on the severity of the harm done to your well-being, you may need to incorporate several forms of self-care into your life. That can be the easy part, though. Maintaining them for extended periods of time is a different story. The negative thoughts and an unhealthy mindset will try to keep control over you by lying to you and making you feel worthless.

Going back to the broken arm and sprained leg, thats a healing process that can take weeks to recover from; self-care is a healing process as well. You do have to put effort and energy into maintaining any kind of self-care routine. Consistency is key for the process to work properly. You will have some tough days where you may not do as much or anything at all, which is normal. As long as you’re making progress (even a little bit is ok), those self-care habits will help you heal as time goes on.

Wrap Up

Healing any kind of injury (physical, mental, emotional) isn’t always smooth and easy. Self-care is no different. You’ll always have better days than others and downright bad ones. Self-care routines take time to develop and everyone is going to have different ones.

What works for some people may not work for you and that’s fine. There is no clear cut finish line for self-care. Those who are hurting feel better in a short time. Others need more time to heal and feel better which is fine too. So if any you can relate to any of this, your not alone. Your best friend, college professor, the person sitting next to you, and the waiter could be hurting or have some form of self-care going on.

Take care, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.

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