Video Discussion: Accepting Where You Are and it’s Where You Need to Be

This video discussion is from another video game I’ve played. The game is called Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.

Spoiler Alert

If you haven’t played the game, are unfamiliar with the Legend of Zelda Breath of Wild game and storyline, and still want to play these games, this is kinda of a spoiler. It’s up to you if you want to watch this video.

This game had a particular scene which spoke to me about acceptance and that you are where you need to be.

Now you don’t need to watch the whole video. I couldn’t find this specific cutscene in a video by itself. The cutscene and part of the video I want to focus on starts at 20:28 and ends at 22:15.

Background Info

Here is a bit of background on what is going on. The blonde character is Zelda, the red-headed character is a Gerudo named Urbosa. The character the two are talking about is named Link.

Urbosa is like a mother figure to Zelda, having been real close to Zeldas mother before she passed away. Zelda is a teenager and the princess of the kingdom of Hyrule working to unlock a great power within her. Link is her appointed knight sworn to be her side and protect her from any kind of danger.

Zelda is comparing her progress of training for an upcoming threat to Links. She believes that Link has become so much stronger while she has not. Link recently acquired a powerful sword called the Master Sword to use for the upcoming threat.

As time begins to run out, Zelda talks about that there are no signs of the great power within her appearing no matter how hard she trains. Urbosa informs Zelda that Link is still the same person he was when she first met him before he acquired the Master Sword. She says that the two of them are one in the same. That both of them will rise to any challenge without any hesitation. Zelda was informed earlier by someone else that there is no need for her to be concerned or worried. Urbosa reminds Zelda of that and finishes by saying that she knows Zelda is exactly where she needs to be and that Zelda should accept that too. The cutscene finishes with Zelda thanking Urbosa.


What spoke to me was that we always are wanting to move from point A to point B, to point C, etc. If were not always moving or going up, then we feel bad about ourselves. We start to, once again, compare ourselves to others whether it’s strangers, friends, or family. The feeling of being stagnant is something were indirectly taught by others or what we read and were meant to interpret that as something not good.

I’ve felt and thought what Zelda deals with in this video; I’m sure you guys have at one point in your life. Even if were making progress on something whether it’s learning how to cook, how to paint, getting good grades, writing a book, or just making progress on how to be a better person, we are quick to compare ourselves to someone we believe is better than us.

If someone we know say makes a lot of money, has a better car than us, gets good grades all the time, is popular among their peers, are they really better than us? You may have been quick to say yes, but really think about this for a bit.

Remember, we don’t always know what is truly going on with another person. This student who may be getting A’s on all of their schoolwork, that Twitch streamer who has always has a big audience, your boss where you work, may be fighting some silent battles no one knows about. These silent battles could be having a negative effect on their life.

Accepting Your Current Situation

Urbosa says to Zelda that she is right where she needs to be and to accept that. I believe that we should strive to be better and learn new things about life and ourselves. However, the days we don’t make progress are ok. If were on a journey, we should enjoy it and not miss out on other things as we work toward the goal or goals.

Where we are in life may not feel good right now, but maybe that’s where we need to be. We may not be ready to take the next step on our journey. There may be some things we need to learn or let go in order to move forward. We may grow up some more and mature in order to learn and accept some of life’s more advanced lessons.

Accepting where we are can be tough because we feel the need to be better. We have dry spells, we feel like we’re in a rut or dip, and we feel stagnant. What I have found to help is that once we accept where we are and were ok with it, we start to feel better.

Remember in the video that Urbosa mentioned that the Great Deku Tree told Zelda not to fret. A third party or more who also knows your situation can be helpful. On the inside, we think things are worse than what they are; in some cases they are to be honest. On the outside, people close to us who can see what we’re going through can see the full picture and the situation isn’t super hard or horrible. Most of the time, what were dealing with is manageable and we are equipped to deal with it, even when we think were not.

Wrap Up

You could say that where we currently are in our life is a place where if we don’t get out of it fast, then bad things will happen to us. Think about that for second. Maybe you didn’t exactly think that, but maybe in some shape or form your subconscious may have thought it. That may be something unrealistic that you came up with yourself or learned from someone else.

If we believe that we have a good foundation and are stable where we are at, that can make accepting where we are easier to deal with and process.

Take care, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.

Video Time: You Are Enough, Really You Are

So this week, I decided to put together a list of videos that revolve around another topic. I’ve done this before and I want to keep doing this every now and then alongside video discussions and regular blog posts.

This kind of post will consist of a few short videos with a little discussion whereas the video discussion posts will be one video that may be longer and will have a more in depth discussion.

So these videos are about being enough as you are. The voices of anxiety, social media, teachers, the people in our lives, and/or lies the world may tell us that we need to be something were not. We can’t be happy and satisfied unless we have or meet certain conditions like being the best student in class, getting married, having kids, owning a house, having the newest phone, iPad, car, etc.

We put ourselves down and believe in the lies which can hurt our morale and decrease our motivation to do anything. We wind up letting people push us around and tell us how we should be which may not be right for us and benefits the other people.

Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t strive to be better, but find a way to be happy and content with where we are at right now instead of waiting for the end result. If we are currently rewiring our thoughts, not believing the lies about ourselves, changing how we see the world, working towards a goal, we can find peace of mind knowing that we’re doing the best we can with what we got right now.

Remember your not alone in the world and you have worth. Enjoy the videos.

Moving on From People

If you ever feel like your no longer important to someone…then leave their life silently

We meet a lot of people in our life. There are those we meet and play with when we are children. There are those we meet and hangout with when we are teenagers. We meet more people when we get a job and go off to college, or just when we enter the real world in general. All these people we meet don’t always stick around. People go there separate ways; after elementary school, middle and high school, college, getting a new job, move away, pretty much as time goes on. Now there are people who you don’t want to leave your life, yet they do. This can be for various reasons. Then there are those people who hurt you and you have to move on from them in order to heal and move forward.

People and Friends Come and Go

I can tell you that your not alone if you have ever been in a situation where you have to move on from someone or had to say goodbye to them. I would say pretty much everyone in the world has been in this situation. If they say they haven’t, they’re probably lying. People don’t always stay in their hometown. People move to new places. There are people who they want to forget that they ever met, especially those who did them wrong.

With social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for example, it’s easier to keep in touch with people. Yet there is a disconnect when you can’t hangout with these people in real life. The feeling isn’t exactly the same for some people, but not all.

Life happens; it’s the eternal river. People go there separate ways as I mentioned. Everyone is on a different path. The two or multiple paths can be the same. Yet there are forks in the road; you go on one path and the other person or people go the other way. Don’t let this get you down though, there are new people you will meet on the path your on.

Those Who Hurt You

Now there are those who hurt you and you want to put that behind you so you can move forward in your life. This can be difficult to do especially if you invested a lot of time and energy into getting to know them. You may have been in a long or short term friendship, relationship, or marriage with this person. If the person or people meant a lot to you, it can be hard to forget them.There are places where you remember having fun conversations with them, places where you made memories with them, and places where you both were open and vulnerable to each other. There are songs that remind you of this person or people which can be tough to listen to. The car they drive, favorite animal, color, movie, TV show, etc are reminders which can be tough to forget. These reminders can be called triggers which can be safe and unsafe. A safe trigger can be seeing or hearing something that reminds you of the person, but it doesn’t cause you to get stressed out and very anxious; you may feel a sting, but nothing severe. An unsafe trigger is pretty much the same thing, except you do get stressed out, very anxious, and sometimes can’t function correctly. You may experience difficulty breathing, light-headedness, and you may have trouble concentrating and focusing on things even simple ones.

Here are some ways to help you move on from people who have hurt you and those to go on a different path than yours:

Acceptance is one of the things that will help you move forward. If you have a friend who has moved away and are unable to go with them, you just have to accept it. Your financial situation may not allow you to move with them. You may be fine living in the country, the other person wants to live in a city or vice versa. Accepting the situation will help you move forward in your life instead of being stuck in a rut.

Delete or block them on your social media accounts. Delete them off of your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or SnapChat accounts. This way you’re not being reminded of them. You also have the option of returning things or throwing things away you were given by the other person. Delete or throw away photos of them if you need to. Severing ties with the other person can help you from getting hurt again.

Meeting new people can help you move forward and create new memories. They can help you to live in the present, not the past. The void you may be feeling, could be filled by a new person and new people.

Distance yourself physically and emotionally if you have to. Sometimes being by yourself can help you clear your mind and help you find inner peace with yourself. Try staying off the internet and social media.

Make sure severing ties is what you really want to do. You may be in a position where you’re in a relationship, friendship, or marriage that has become toxic for you and you are hurting. If you truly believe ending the relationship, friendship, or marriage is going to help you get better, not be held back, and heal then I would recommend you do that if any type of communication has failed to fix things.

Wrapping Up

As I said people come and go in your life. There are people who are only meant to be in your life for a short amount of time. They may be there to help you learn something whether it’s about yourself or a form of education and that’s it. Those who have hurt you can be tough to move forward from. It takes time and the process can’t be rushed especially if you invested a lot of or some of your time and energy into this person or people. So let me ask you something, is there someone or people in your life that you would feel much better letting go, not being held back by them, and start healing from?

Your Scars…The Ones Others Can’t See

Experience is a great teacher; unfortunately, experience leaves mental scars, and scar tissue contracts.

William James Mayo

I hope everyone had a great Easter and was able to make the best out of it. Hopefully if you were in any of the areas where some tornadoes struck, I hope that your all right and your friends and loved ones are all right. If you or anyone you know was injured, I hope you have a speedy recovery. Injuries heal with time. The are injuries that will heal and it will be like the injury was never there. Sometimes there will be injuries that will leave a scar. It might be a noticeable scar and it might not be. Those are just physical scars though. There are those scars that no one sees or knows about except you. Maybe a few select number of people know about them or maybe everyone in your circle of friends and loved ones know. There are people out there who have more mental and emotional scars then they do physical ones. Your not the only person who is like this. I also have more mental scars and emotional scars than physical ones. Your not alone.

The View on Scars

Scars over the course of history have been seen as an imperfection, a symbol of weakness, guilt, shame, and mistakes we have made for example. We do things to cover them up and act like they aren’t there. People will go to great lengths hide them. This isn’t just physical scars, but also the mental and emotional ones as well. We get the idea in our head that we need to be perfect for this situation, perfect to be friends with this person, perfect in our marriage, relationship, and to our parents. So we interpret scars as being a bad and negative thing. We also try to hide our scars with an “I’m fine”. As time goes on, we can get better at saying that and meaning it. Yet the scars are still there and they still may be bleeding metaphorically. Outside we look happy and all right, but on the inside we are hurting. We’re afraid to say something to anyone even our friends and loved ones or especially them. We don’t them to see us as someone who is damaged and broken. So we close ourselves up and put walls around us as another way of hiding our scars. These are some of the things we do as a way of not being vulnerable to others. If we are hurting, we fear that will be hurt again, so we do different things as a way of not getting hurt again.

Here it’s some advice on how to deal with your scars:

  • Your scars don’t make you less of a person. Some people have more scars than others, but that doesn’t mean that these people are weaker. Some people go through tough experiences in their life, sometimes one after another where some people don’t. The ones with more scars may have more life experience to offer to others. These people who go through rough times and come out on top have great mental strength.
  • Embrace your scars because even though they represent a hurtful or rough time of your life, they show that you survived defeats in your life. They show that you’re one of a kind. This reinforces the idea that you are unique in this world.
  • Your scars can also be seen as lessons you learned in life. These lessons are most of the time tough lessons. They show that you fought when you could have given up. You went through a tough experience, but you got a great life lesson out of it and that’s a plus.
  • A scar could have also have come from a lie you were told that took root and maybe you didn’t realize it. You first have to find that lie. Then see if anything in your life supports it. If you can’t find anything, then you have to work on dismissing it. These kind of scars can take time to work through because maybe you believed in it for an extended period of time and you have to train your mind to not think like negative anymore.

Here is a video of a young woman named Shayla. In this video she talks about overcoming her mental scars in regards to her skin and learning to love herself through acceptance.

Wrapping Up

None of your scars make you less worthy or lovable. Your scars make you who you are. You can say that you are alive. When it comes to embracing your scars there is a period of acceptance that you have to go through which can take time. When your done, you can hold your head up high and not feel ashamed of that scar anymore. Hopefully this brings some clarity some scars you have, scars you’re working through, and you can begin to not feel ashamed of them and embrace them.

Combating What Others Think of You

What other people think of you is not your business. If you start to make that business your business, you will be offended for the rest of your life.

Deepak Chopra

At some point or another, we have thought about what other people have thought of us. We wonder if they really like us as a friend or something more, what they think of our clothes, or if they think were weird or cool. There are so many things that we think about when it comes to what other people think about us. It can cause us to experience a whirlwind of emotions that can bring us down and drive us a little crazy. I have been in this predicament dozens of times myself. Your definitely not alone. It happens to everyone. The key is not letting this idea rule our lives.

Why Do We Care About What Others Think of Us

It’s just something that happens to us as we grow up. As we begin to think more critically, we begin to figure out who we are as a person. We begin to have more in depth conversations with people. People are able to develop more opinions about themselves, life, places, and other people. As time goes on, those opinions get challenged by others and what you think isn’t the way someone else thinks. You then start to think about what the other person thinks of you.


You could be in a place where you want to be accepted by someone or a particular group of people. You believe that if they accept you, you will feel better about yourself and always be happy. You also think that you will feel horrible and sad if they don’t accept you into the group. At this point, your putting the control of your happiness in other people’s hands. Going back to acceptance, you may believe that your not fully accepted by your family or friends for who you are; so you may go to great lengths to find out what you can do to be accepted by them even if it goes against your character, your personality, your morals and values.

Sense of Belonging

We have a need to feel like we belong somewhere. We seek to find our place in the world. We try different things and go through trial and error to find where we feel comfortable and where we can thrive at. During the process, we encounter people who seem like they have it all together. We want to have what they have and we think that we won’t be able to befriend them if we’re not on their level. We may let the stress get the better of us and think that the other person will look down on us for being where we are at in our life. We also may think that they will judge us for the job we have, the grades we get in school, how we dress, if we have any tattoos or piercings, how social we are with others, even our age, height, weight, gender, and ethnicity. We may do or get things that we don’t like or find appealing just to feel like we belong somewhere and not get looked down upon.

Here are some ways to stop caring about what other people think of you:

  • Find what makes you happy
  • Age and maturity
  • Boost your self-esteem
  • Stay true to yourself
  • Try not to please others
  • Don’t overthink
  • Life is too short, live in the moment
  • Desensitize your triggers

If you find what makes you happy, you will be in a place where you feel satisfied and relaxed. In this state of mind, you won’t care about what others think of you because you’re already happy and feel no need to please anyone.

I learned a long time ago that the older you get the more you tend to not care what other people think. Some of us are worried about being embarrassed in front of others and that we may get a bad reputation or be seen as a weirdo or outcast. Being embarrassed only means were human and it happens to all of us.

If your self-esteem is up, your confidence will be up. If your confidence is up, you feel more of a sense of satisfaction especially around people. You won’t feel a need to think about what other people think of you sense you already feel good.

It’s important to stay true to yourself. There is only one of you in this world. Don’t sacrifice your morals and values just to please other people. Your family and real friends will like you for who are. Pleasing others can lead to getting unwanted stress and you may not get the respect of the other person or people in the end.

You can find yourself overthinking about everything which can drive you nuts. You can even find yourself overthinking about what others think about you which, in my opinion, is worse. There are things out there that come to you that are face value. There are people out there who will be honest and tell you the truth up front. Those are the people you can trust. Not everyone out there is out to get you.

Another way to stop thinking about what others think about you is to desensitize your triggers. What I mean by that is what are the things that cause you to start thinking this way. Do you believe that the other person isn’t being honest with you? Did you overhear something and now you don’t know what to do with that information? The challenge is to catch yourself before this kind of thinking begins. What I have found helpful is to pay attention to your emotions. If you begin to get emotional and your anxiety spikes up, then maybe you found a trigger.

Final Thoughts and Sum Up

Life is too short to be constantly caring about what other people think about you. Easier said than done I know. It’s taken me some time to just let things go and move forward with my life. Focusing and living in the present is where you can find peace, enjoy good times, and make memories. The right people will come along in your life and you won’t have to be heavily concerned about what they think about you because they will accept you for who you are.