Symbolism: How to see the Full Picture and Get Clarity on Your Life

Sorry about the lack of posting last week. Work is still hectic and busy for me. So this post could have been a video discussion post, but I feel this topic has more symbolism in it. With that said here is some background info on the video. It features an item from the video game The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword called the Gust Bellows.

Clear the Clutter

So as you saw the Gust Bellows is an item that pretty much shoots out a continuous large gust of wind. Here is where the symbolism comes in. We are the character in the video named Link. Picture the sand as the fog and confusion you have about your life or various topics. Underneath the sand there is the clarity and the full picture of the situation and/or to your questions. The gust bellows represents the tools and techniques we can use to remove that fog and uncertainty in our lives.

If you have felt that there is some unclarity, uncertainty, in your life as well as confusion, your not alone. To remove the fog and confusion (the sand), we sometimes have to change our mindset. We have to unlearn old habits and implement new ways of thinking and create good healthy habits (the gust bellows). When we do that, we can start removing all the confusion and uncertainty in our lives.

To be real with all of you, eliminating that uncertainty and getting some clarity may reveal some truths that we may not like or be ready for. In the video, you saw some spikes come out the floor. Picture those spikes as some harsh truths which we have to face and sometimes accept and yes they can hurt.

On the flipside, clearing that confusion, getting answers to questions we have can reveal good things. In the video, green gems called rupees were revealed when the sand was blown away. In the game, rupees are currency to buy items, upgrades, and materials for Link. Also when the sand was removed, the right path for Link was revealed. Clearing that confusion in our lives can give us the guidance we need and to find and follow our own path. Getting that clarity to confusing things in our lives and those answers to our questions feels great right?

Wrap Up

So overall, we are faced with uncertainty, confusion, and unanswered questions in our lives. We don’t always see the full picture or big picture figuratively speaking. However with the right tools and help from other people in our lives, we can. Does this process take time, it can. Everyone is different; lets just say some remove the sand faster than others. If your someone who needs more time to remove the sand, that is fine. Everyone moves at a different pace and no pace is the same.

Take care, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.

Symbolism: The Weather Reflecting Your Mood

Here is another new thing that I’m introducing. Symbolism posts is another idea I came up with. I found that if I wanted to understand my emotions better, I looked at something that was either in front of me or around me. Colors, physical objects, nature, and music have helped me understand how I was feeling when I couldn’t figure it out in my head.

So for the first symbolism post, I thought I talk a bit about the weather. Blue skies, cloudy skies, storms, hot and cold weather all make us feel different things. If you find that you can relate to the weather in terms of how you are feeling or you can’t, either way you’re not alone.

The pic above I found makes people feel down, but it can also make someone feel calm, relaxed, even content. We know there are people who don’t like storms, but there are those who enjoy them. There are people who, when they look at a sky like this, they feel content because the sky reflects how they are feeling perfectly.

This next pic pretty much makes a lot of people feel good. The weather is nice and warm (sometimes too hot). It puts a smile on your face and you feel more energetic and active. You feel more friendly around friends and family and sometimes even strangers. Sometimes the things that bother and annoy you, either don’t bother and know you as much or not at all.

These kind of skies I found make people feel laid back and sometimes bored. Your feelings are sometimes in the middle. Your not really happy but you’re not really sad either; you’re kind of in a weird middle.

A sunrise (above pic) and a sunset (below pic) mostly make people feel good. Contentment is the one thing that people feel the most. I found people like to just stop what they’re doing look up and do some reflecting and even meditating. These kind of pics help get people out of their mind, be in the present, and see the world in a different perspective.

Fall and Winter can uplift our mood, but they also can bring our mood down. This just goes back to preference which is different for everyone. The temperatures can vary between hot and cold which can lift and bring down our mood.

Wrap Up

The weather can make us feel great or miserable. The sun helps gives us vitamin D which uplifts our mood. Sometimes during that cloudy weather we don’t get the vitamin D and our mood sometimes isn’t always the best.

We have different kinds of memories when it comes to certain kinds of weather. Those memories, good or bad, can have an impact on how what emotions we will feel and go through. Some people feel more happy and content with stormy and crappy weather and believe it or not there are some people out there who find clear skies and nice weather uncomfortable.

So I hope you found this first symbolism post to be enjoyable. Maybe this provided some clarity on how you can figure out and interpret your emotions better. For the most part, I find the weather to be an outward appearance of how I’m feeling on the inside.

There’ll be more symbolism posts to come. Take care and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.