Quote Breakdown 3

Here’s another quote breakdown. Sorry for being MIA for a couple weeks. My body needed time to rest after quitting my last job and getting a new one.

With that said, it goes along with the quote. Things like a laptop, computer, TV, etc, sometimes will just freeze, not work right, not turn off, or take a while to load. When you unplug them for a bit, plug them back in, or restart them, the device will usually start working right.

If your running on barely any sleep, no rest, not eating healthy, for an extended period of time, your body won’t work right. If you’re exercising, working, or studying long hours, traveling long distances, you need that time and rest to unplug and renergize.

Have you heard or said these sayings:

  • ‘I’ll rest after I get this done’,
  • ‘I’ll take a break just as soon this is finished’
  • ‘I’ve got to get this done, I’ll eat later’.

When you were done with what it was you were working on, did you take a break, or did you move on to something else thinking it would take a couple minutes when or actually didn’t? If you said yes, you’re not alone. I’m guilty of this so is your best friend, spouse, teacher, boss, fellow students, girlfriend, and boyfriend.

The overall moral is that if you take the time to rest and recharge, you can do what you need to do and more. How long that rest is varies for all people. It could be a day, hour, 30 minutes, sometimes a week, only your body knows. Sometimes it will take trial and error to figure it out and that’s ok.

Take care, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.


Good Health Goes a Long Way

Calm mind brings inner strength and confidence, so that’s very important for good health

Dalai Lama

With everything that is going on in the world concerning the coronavirus, you or someone you know is highly concerned about getting the virus and doing whatever it takes to make sure they don’t get it. Practicing good hygiene is something everyone should. If your like me, then you can’t stand being ill and under the weather. Maintaining good health is what will help your body fight off illnesses. Good health and good hygiene helps you not just physically but mentally as well.

Practicing Good Health

If you are someone who doesn’t practice good hygiene all the time, well your not alone. If your already practicing good hygiene, then you know there are many people who are in the same spot as you are older and younger. In fact, you probably practice good hygiene better than some other people. You want to take care of both your mind and body. For example, showering and cleaning yourself up before hanging out with friends can boost your confidence especially if you are someone who is shy. You don’t need me to tell you that if you get dirty from working outside or got done doing something where are you sweated a lot, it would be best to shower afterwards.

What Good Health Does to Your Mind

When you practice good health, your body doesn’t just look at or feel better, your mind is also benefiting greatly from it. Your mind is fueled by good health and good hygiene. Your mind knows when you are dirty and need a shower. Your mind knows when you smell good and have fuel in your body, you’re going to feel great. Everyone’s body is different. What I mean by that is everyones body is going to react differently to various foods. You may get energy from eating blueberries, raspberries, watermelon, carrots, salmon, spinach, chicken. Maybe you don’t get that energy boost from eating grapes, bananas, strawberries, radish’s, or eggplant. That’s ok like I said, everyone’s body is different. Listen to your body, it knows what foods do your body well and what foods make you feel lousy and sluggish.

Here are some ways good hygiene and good health does you good:

  • You feel good and ready to take charge of your life
  • Improved positive outlook on life
  • Gain more energy
  • Overall better physical health
  • Eat more home cooked meals
  • Eat when you’re hungry not when your bored or upset
  • Balance, variety, and moderation


By practicing good hygiene and staying in good health you are taking charge of your life. Many of us art just living life and maybe not necessarily taking charge of it. We are just getting by or surviving. Taking charge of something gives you that feeling of empowerment. When used correctly and not abused, it can greatly benefit your life and how you view yourself.

We all strive for a positive outlook on life. We look for it in different areas like our education, our career title, hobbies, family, and friends. It can also be found in practicing good habits that lead to overall good health. When you are healthy, you feel great. When you’ve got your blood pumping, you feel like you can do things that you may have thought was impossible to do before. Maybe you wouldn’t think that washing your hands or taking a shower would give you energy, but they can ease your mind. When your mind is at ease and has a chance to rest, you can think more clearly. When your anxiety is low, things that may have seemed overwhelming and big are really manageable and small. Your mind is always registering good and bad hygiene.

When you have a good amount of healthy energy, you can do more. If you’ve got a list of things that you have to get done before the day is over, that can be a lot to take on. When your body has a full tank of energy from practicing good hygiene, you can surprise yourself at what you can do, I know I have. When you have good physical health, you can prevent yourself from getting sick.

With good physical health, your body can even fight off things that you are allergic to. Good physical health creates a strong immune system. There are people out there who have good physical health, but don’t exercise and that’s ok. When you have good hygiene and good physical health, you have the energy to work out. You don’t have to exercise 7 days or 5 times a week. If you work out two or three times a week that’s still all right. Those who don’t have the opportunity to set some time aside to work out can exercise in their daily routines. If you are someone who works outside maybe do a brisk walk or jog from one area to another. If you’re sitting in an office at your desk, you can do leg raises, chair dips, shadow boxing, or rapidly tap your feet in place while sitting down. Look up these different types of exercises and see what options you have.

It’s best that you always eat when you’re hungry not when you’re bored or going through strong emotions. I understand that if you have been heartbroken that it’s really easy to turn to comfort food like cake, ice cream, maybe fast food. I’ve been there myself. I just remind myself that I can cheat for a little bit and then get back to eating better. Home cooked meals can give you the right kind of energy to make you feel better and give you the right vitamins and minerals for energy. If you don’t know how to cook, there are all kinds of recipes online that you can make with a few items. Look up videos on the internet on how to prepare a dish. From experience I can tell you home cooked meals make me feel great and give me fuel.

I said that everyone’s body is different. I’m sure you heard the saying ‘everything in moderation’ at some point. Everyone needs a different amount of food to give them energy and to stay healthy. Your age, height, and weight are only a few of the factors that go into what your body needs for good health. You just have to find the right balance and the right variety of foods to keep your health up. This will require some trial and error, but you’ll eventually find what works for you.

Final Thoughts and Sum Up

When when it comes to practicing good hygiene, most of it is common sense. You don’t have to go over the top to stay healthy. There are probably some things you do in a normal day that you may not think contribute to good health and good hygiene, but they do. With what’s going on in the world, just remain calm, wash your hands, remember to shower, and follow what the CDC, the government, and the World Health Organization recommends you do. We’ll get through this pandemic together and we’ll be stronger because we went through it.

New Beginnings…A New You

Nothing in the universe can stop you from letting go and starting over

Guy Finley

There have been times where we have gotten used to something, like a routine, and for a long period of time it became a part of our life. Then something happened that shook our world and we had to start over. We were so comfortable doing what we were doing, we didn’t want to start from scratch again. However, even though we didn’t want to start over, it actually may be good for us.

New Beginnings: A Fresh Start

Your not alone if you’ve had to start over anything in your life. I’ve had to and there are so many people who have had to as well. A new beginning can describe various life situations. You move to a new town and go to a new school where you make new friends. You start a new job and you have to adjust to a new work environment and interact with new co-workers. You get married, you have a child are new beginnings. You quit your old habits and work on developing new ones which can be a new beginning. The high school to college transition I talked about in a previous post is also a new beginning. These are a some handful of life situations where a new beginning can occur. New beginnings can be scary because we’re transitioning out of something comfortable to something that isn’t and may be rough. The unknown factor rears itself into this idea because we can’t predict how things will turn out whereas before there was that predictability. Starting over isn’t always an easy thing regardless of what it is, but sometimes it’s necessary.

The Adjustment Phase

We have a period of adjustment in anything new that we do. There is no way to get around it. Any kind of adjustment is going to take time to get used to. In some cases, your changing your behavior into something that is supposed to be better for you. This concept is something that can’t be rushed. Sometimes it can be a uncomfortable transition, but not always. New beginnings can be helpful for us to grow as a person. We learn new skills, acquire new knowledge, and can meet new people who can help us to continue to grow. They can help us learn new things about ourselves directly and indirectly. They can become life long friends regardless of distance.

If your struggling with beginning something new, here are some ways that can help you through it:

1. Let go of things that your unable to control and move on.

2. Change your mindset

3. Accept a new reality

4. Hold onto the good things

5. Take that chance

6. Freedom in the unknown

7. Keep going


A new beginning requires you to move forward and let go of things. There may be things that your unable to control and you have been trying but with no success. So if that’s the case, it would be best you stop trying. Trying to control something that you can’t can have a bad impact on your overall health.

Changing your mindset is important because it will help you through the adjustment phase. If you go into something new and or start over, you won’t get far if your telling yourself that you can’t do it, your going to fail, nothing good will out of this, or this is a waste of time. Positive self talk will help you believe in yourself and also help in not letting the fresh start be overwhelming and even confusing. It does take awhile to adapt to a new mindset; don’t rush it, be patient with yourself.

A new beginning can consist of a new reality. This reality may include learning something new, meeting new people, adapting to a new environment and atmosphere whether that’s a new town, church, state, country, school, job, a step parent, etc. Accepting the new reality can be tough, but acceptance is what will help you move forward because it means that your acknowledging the new start and are committed to seeing it through.

Now just because your starting over doesn’t mean you have to do a full entire reset of your life. If you are moving away, that doesn’t mean you have to cut all contact with your current friends. If you want to change your behavior into something better, that is a new beginning. People that you are close to you don’t have to go away just because you need a fresh start. Some people will be apart of your life forever and some won’t.

Taking a chance on someone or something can be nerve-racking. A new start is no exception. There are some people who take that leap of faith and it pays off for them. They can adjust to the new setting, new style of life and thrive on it. You can as well. Having people back you up and supporting you makes taking that chance easier. If you strongly believe in yourself and tell yourself you can do it, things tend to work out for you.

Breaking away from old habits and current routines can be frightening, but there a sense of freedom and relief that can come out of it. On the one hand, your not tethered to anything. You have a blank slate in front of you to start over metaphorically. You start over the way you want to. This way of thinking can make the unknown factor less scary. Now there will be tough times and challenges, but don’t let them stop you. Keep going, remember you wanted a fresh start so that things would be different and better. Let that fuel your drive to keep going.

Final Thoughts and Sum Up

New beginnings can be scary at first glance, but they can be good for us. A fresh start can be helpful in leaving behind an old style of life that may have been destructive and transition into one that is healthy and rejuvenating. Remember to go at your own pace. Don’t think you have to rush the process because you think you have to or someone tells you to (this may not fully apply to school and the workplace). If you take a small step each day, that is good. One thing to remember it’s never too late to start from the beginning.

Burnout, Yeah It’s a Real Thing

Are you someone who does one thing and then goes to another thing over and over until you go to sleep or do you skip sleep? Are you that person who works 40+ hours a week? Do you have a homework assignment after another that keeps you busy until the due date? Are you working on a project and then when it’s done your right away working on another? If you said yes to any of these questions, then there may be a chance that your heading to a burnout or may be burned out.

The Body Needs Energy

We wake up, eat breakfast, do something (school, work, etc), eat lunch, do something else, eat dinner, do something another thing, then go to bed and repeat the process the next day. Energy is what gets us to do anything, but you knew that. The reality is, there is only so much energy we have to do things until we can’t do no more. We push ourselves to keep going. We drink things with caffeine and sugar in them like energy drinks and coffee for example to get through the day. We then crash at any point in the day and sometimes we don’t expect it because your body has had enough.

The Reality of Burnout

Burnout is real. I have experienced it numerous times in my life. So your not the only one who experiences this phenomenon. I guarantee you that every person has experienced this. We push ourselves and push ourselves because our mind says we can. We get to the point where we run out of energy and we dip into our reserves. When we run out of our reserves, I believe that we just run off of fumes until we crash. For the time being our body and our mind are in sync with each other, but when we push ourselves too far, our body takes the steering wheel and taps out. It doesn’t matter what our mind says what we can do at this point, our body has the final word and always will.

Here are some ways to detect burnout and how to prevent that:

1. Eat Something

When we wake up in the morning, we have a tendency to skip breakfast and just have a cup of coffee. There are times we get a pastry and something to drink at Starbucks. We also just don’t eat or drink anything in the morning and go to school, work, or run errands, etc. Our body needs food for energy and we all know that; we just don’t have time or we ignore that fact. Eating something whether it’s waffles, a bowl of cereal, fruit, pancakes, eggs, toast, in the morning will help give your body the right kind of energy to help you get through your day. Recharge yourself with lunch and eat a good dinner. Skipping meals will can lead to burnout since your body has nothing to give it fuel.

2. Get a Good Night Sleep

Besides eating, sleep is also important to avoid burnout. Your body needs to recharge and repair itself. Sleep is good for building muscles, hormone growth, protein synthesis, and to process information you have learned. Sleep can also help your brain to have the energy it needs to stave off stress and better handle anxiety. Lack of sleep can lead to unwanted emotional outbursts, mood swings, feeling weak and fatigue to do anything. I’m sure you know or have experienced that a lack of sleep can lead to falling asleep at the steering wheel and dozing off in class.

3. Listen to Your Body, it Knows Best

As I mentioned, our minds may tell us to keep going, but our body has the last word. Our mind can help make us or break us. Our body will tell our mind that it’s had enough and needs to rest. Our mind needs to respond and act responsible toward that. We can’t ignore what our body is telling us. If we push our bodies too far, too much, we can possibly end up doing permanent damage to ourselves which will stick with us for life. I know you don’t want this to happen to you, so listen to your body, it knows best.

4. Recognize the Signals

If your doing something and you start to feel tired all of a sudden, then maybe you need to stop and rest. If your studying for something and you find yourself having trouble concentrating and focusing, take a break. If your out of breath from exercising or doing something extraneous, then you should stop what you doing and rest. Drink something, get something to eat. These are the signals that our body tells us that it’s heading toward a burnout and it doesn’t want that to happen. There are other signals that you know and have experienced that I didn’t mention here. Only you know what they are; best listen to them.

5. Manage Stress

One of the things we forget to do when we are so caught up in things is to manage our stress. Stress can be good, but it can be bad. Stress can take over because our minds are focused and putting energy toward completing whatever task were working on. With our minds preoccupied, stress can sneak in and cause us to not pay attention to the signals our body is telling us. If you are feeling stressed, first make yourself aware of it. As time goes on, try to pace yourself. You know stress is present and you know it can drain you. Try giving yourself a longer break or give yourself an extra break. Maybe you need a quick power nap. Get something to eat and drink. Whatever it is, take care of yourself. Don’t let stress take the steering wheel.

Final Thoughts and Sum Up

Burnout can hinder us from experiencing the joy we get in life. If we’re burned out, everything we do can get sloppy. We may say the wrong thing to someone because we’re tired which has made us moody. You have to listen to your body. It knows you better than anyone in your life. Exercise is good for you, just don’t overdo it. Don’t fall victim to burnout. Take care of yourself; you can’t help anyone if you’re out of energy.