How Often Does Time Get Away From You?

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July (if you celebrate it). One thing that got me wondering this past weekend is time itself. I bet there was a handful of times at one point where you had said ‘where has the time gone?’ or ‘how did time get away from me?’. I myself have said that numerous times to myself or to my friends. Your not alone if you feel like time has gotten away from you.

How Does Time get Away From Us

Growing up, some of us don’t keep track of time or have any time management skills. As kids, sometimes we aren’t taught how to manage our time properly. When were in school, a conference, meeting, or a seminar for example, time can drag on and feel like forever yet only a small amount of time has gone by. Then some days, time goes by so fast and the day is almost over yet it feels like the day just started and we just woke up.

Lets be real, we all at one point have slept in and didn’t get out of bed until later in the day. Well that can be because we didn’t sleep until late at night. Is it this simple, unfortunately no. Everyone has a different life schedule where some of us have jobs late at night. Some of us stay up late to study and others stay up late partying. Then there are those who have sleep troubles where it’s physically and mentally hard to fall asleep.

Sleep schedules and patterns are just a couple of factors of time getting away from us. We can get so involved into something that we lose all track of time. Planning a party, building a model of the Titanic, binging something on Netflix, playing a sport with friends, playing video games are examples where time just gets away from us. We can be working on a company project, doing chores, or studying up for a math test that time just flies right by. Spending time with friends and loved ones always seems to pass the time.

Now all those things can eat up a lot of time right? Well some of you see that as your life, a life you used to live, or maybe a life you want to tweek and make changes to. With the right mindset, you can keep time in check while not obsessing or dwelling on it. You don’t need to look at your phone, the clock, or watch counting minutes and seconds.

Here are some tips to help you better manage your time:

  • Organization is a great way to have clarity and get down what you need to get done
  • Setting realistic goals and writing them down believe it or not can help motivate you to accomplish everything on your to do list
  • Planning how much time you want to spend on one thing can help you not lose track of time and get the next thing done before the day is up
  • Managing your stress to stay in the present and using it correctly to not let things slip away is helpful
  • Prioritize what needs to get done first or what will need the most energy can help you get things done and have energy to spare
  • Self-awareness is helpful in keeping track of time and I don’t mean looking at your watch or the clock consistently. You can set an alarm to let you know when your time on something is up or set up a 5 or 10 minute warning.
  • That to do list I keep mentioning, write it down if it helps you prioritize things better instead of remembering it all in your head.
  • Stay focused on what you need to do or get done. Try to minimize any distractions around you like the TV or unnecessary noise.

Wrap Up

Time management is key. Sometimes we feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to do the things we want to do. With the proper prioritizing of goals and your to do list, you can get a lot done and still have time in the day.

Some of what I said can be described as setting up a routine. I talked about routines before and how they can work against us instead of helping us. This just goes back to having the right kind of balance in your life which takes time to figure out. Everyone is different, so what works for some people may not work for you. It’s ok to have game nights on Fridays or going to the movies on Wednesday afternoons.

Remember to have flexibility in your life, that way you can manage your time better and not become a victim of your own routine; don’t let it control you, control it. It’s ok to change things up; something new is great for the mind. Also don’t forget that if you need time to rest and do nothing, that’s perfectly fine. Don’t feel guilty about it, we all need downtime and rest, we need to recharge ourselves, and this can help in slowing down our thoughts so their not causing us unwanted anxiety or stress. This helps in us having and maintaining a clear mind.

Staying in the present can help us not think and dwell too much about the future and the past. Try focusing on the next hour and what you can do in it. Don’t think about the next hour or later in the day. Don’t think back to earlier in the day, that time has passed. You have 60 minutes, put your energy and focus solely on that period of time. I have learned that this technique helps me stay more in the present time.

Take care, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.

Being Alone Can Be Good For You…What?

So the premise of my site is to show that whatever your dealing with, your not the only one dealing with it and you can change things and get through the tough times.  We think different things when we hear the word ‘alone’.  We get scared because we don’t want to be alone.  We may think that person over there is a loner, we feel sad, depressed, we feel sorry for those who are alone in this world.  Well being alone isn’t all bad, it actually can be good for you.

If you have felt alone in the world, thinking no one would understand what your going through, well your not the only one who has thought that.  I have thought that as well as so many other people.  If your someone who doesn’t like to interact with a large group of people (friends and family even) or gets nervous around a crowd of strangers, that’s ok, you may be an introvert.  This is someone who may be shy and is more inward focused on their thoughts and feelings.

Being alone can be good for you both emotionally and mentally.  Here are some of the benefits:

1. Become More Self Aware
If your not around people, you tend to have more time with your thoughts.  You can use this opportunity to think and reflect about things that you just dealt with, things that have been on your mind and want to figure out.  It’s also a good opportunity to figure out how you process information, how you deal with things, and how you feel about various situations in your life.  Use alone time to get to know yourself better.

2. Need a Break From the World
The world we live in has mostly become a fast paced one.  There are times when we have trouble keeping up with it.  We get the idea in our head that if we fall behind and don’t stay current on what’s happening, were not as good as the other people who do stay current with all that.  Well first off, I doubt the majority of people who claim to stay up to date with everything don’t.  If you need a break, take a break, it definitely won’t kill you.  We all need a break from everything that is going on in our lives to recharge and rejuvenate ourselves.  We need time away from people, the TV, our phones, our computers, iPads, etc to collect and get reacquainted with ourselves.

3. Being Alone Can Spark Creativity and Boost Your Confidence
Being alone can be hit or miss depending on your attitude and sometimes your personality.  You can become more aware of how you think and how you act by being alone with yourself.  Learning how you think and process information can spark your creativity.  You then begin to develop creative solutions on how to solve things.  As your creativity continues to increase, your confidence will go up as well.  You begin to like how you solve things and start thinking that you can solve anything that comes your way.  When your confidence goes up, you start to like yourself more.

4.  You Learn to Not Rely Heavily on Others
It’s great to have people who cheer you up and bring a smile to your face.  It’s another thing to be heavily dependent on them for all of your joy and entertainment.  These people may not always be able to help you every minute of everyday.  One thing that is helpful is to create your own joy.  You would think that making ourselves happy is easy because we know ourselves better than others; well not always.  Sometimes people can see the troubles you’re dealing with better than you because they are looking from the outside.  What can help is learning what really brings us joy no matter what is going on in our lives.  Something that really takes us out of our mind and gets our full attention.  You probably know this better than anyone else, but I’m sure some people close to you know it as well.  Learning this concept can be helpful for you for when you are by yourself since you will be able to create your own joy at anytime.

5.  Plan Things Out
Time away from others can be a good time to plan and sort things out.  If you have set some goals for yourself, plan out how you want to accomplish them.  Some people think more clearly when they have time to themselves than being around a crowd of people.  Everyone has a place where they do all their best thinking.  If you know what it is great, if not you have a spot even if you don’t know it.  You can plan things out the way you want and what works best for you.  If you operate better alone than in a group, that’s fine.  You have the power to plan out your life; sometimes we forget that.  You can plan things out the way you want and you don’t have to be concerned about making others happy about it.

Now I want to throw this out there because some of you may have already thought of this; there is a difference between being alone and being lonely.  This video will help to put that in a better perspective since it’s easy to think both words mean the same thing.  I know I used to think they were the same thing.

Now I’m not suggesting that you don’t go meet new people and cut off your friends and family.  I just want to inform you that you can be happy being by yourself just as much as being with your friends and family.  There are times where we are just by ourselves and we should make the best of it.  We have those opportunities to get to know ourselves better, get reacquainted with our thoughts and emotions, and learn new things about ourselves that will not only enrich our lives, but the lives of those we know, care, and love.