How Often Does Time Get Away From You?

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July (if you celebrate it). One thing that got me wondering this past weekend is time itself. I bet there was a handful of times at one point where you had said ‘where has the time gone?’ or ‘how did time get away from me?’. I myself have said that numerous times to myself or to my friends. Your not alone if you feel like time has gotten away from you.

How Does Time get Away From Us

Growing up, some of us don’t keep track of time or have any time management skills. As kids, sometimes we aren’t taught how to manage our time properly. When were in school, a conference, meeting, or a seminar for example, time can drag on and feel like forever yet only a small amount of time has gone by. Then some days, time goes by so fast and the day is almost over yet it feels like the day just started and we just woke up.

Lets be real, we all at one point have slept in and didn’t get out of bed until later in the day. Well that can be because we didn’t sleep until late at night. Is it this simple, unfortunately no. Everyone has a different life schedule where some of us have jobs late at night. Some of us stay up late to study and others stay up late partying. Then there are those who have sleep troubles where it’s physically and mentally hard to fall asleep.

Sleep schedules and patterns are just a couple of factors of time getting away from us. We can get so involved into something that we lose all track of time. Planning a party, building a model of the Titanic, binging something on Netflix, playing a sport with friends, playing video games are examples where time just gets away from us. We can be working on a company project, doing chores, or studying up for a math test that time just flies right by. Spending time with friends and loved ones always seems to pass the time.

Now all those things can eat up a lot of time right? Well some of you see that as your life, a life you used to live, or maybe a life you want to tweek and make changes to. With the right mindset, you can keep time in check while not obsessing or dwelling on it. You don’t need to look at your phone, the clock, or watch counting minutes and seconds.

Here are some tips to help you better manage your time:

  • Organization is a great way to have clarity and get down what you need to get done
  • Setting realistic goals and writing them down believe it or not can help motivate you to accomplish everything on your to do list
  • Planning how much time you want to spend on one thing can help you not lose track of time and get the next thing done before the day is up
  • Managing your stress to stay in the present and using it correctly to not let things slip away is helpful
  • Prioritize what needs to get done first or what will need the most energy can help you get things done and have energy to spare
  • Self-awareness is helpful in keeping track of time and I don’t mean looking at your watch or the clock consistently. You can set an alarm to let you know when your time on something is up or set up a 5 or 10 minute warning.
  • That to do list I keep mentioning, write it down if it helps you prioritize things better instead of remembering it all in your head.
  • Stay focused on what you need to do or get done. Try to minimize any distractions around you like the TV or unnecessary noise.

Wrap Up

Time management is key. Sometimes we feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to do the things we want to do. With the proper prioritizing of goals and your to do list, you can get a lot done and still have time in the day.

Some of what I said can be described as setting up a routine. I talked about routines before and how they can work against us instead of helping us. This just goes back to having the right kind of balance in your life which takes time to figure out. Everyone is different, so what works for some people may not work for you. It’s ok to have game nights on Fridays or going to the movies on Wednesday afternoons.

Remember to have flexibility in your life, that way you can manage your time better and not become a victim of your own routine; don’t let it control you, control it. It’s ok to change things up; something new is great for the mind. Also don’t forget that if you need time to rest and do nothing, that’s perfectly fine. Don’t feel guilty about it, we all need downtime and rest, we need to recharge ourselves, and this can help in slowing down our thoughts so their not causing us unwanted anxiety or stress. This helps in us having and maintaining a clear mind.

Staying in the present can help us not think and dwell too much about the future and the past. Try focusing on the next hour and what you can do in it. Don’t think about the next hour or later in the day. Don’t think back to earlier in the day, that time has passed. You have 60 minutes, put your energy and focus solely on that period of time. I have learned that this technique helps me stay more in the present time.

Take care, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.

Whose an Approachable Person in Your Life?

Have you ever been around someone and you just get a vibe from them about whether or not you should talk to them or not? Their words say one thing and yet your not sure if you should ask them a question or not. You start thinking ‘should I even be around them though’.

If you have had these thoughts before, your not the only one. I’ve had those thoughts myself. There are people who are cautious about who they talk to. They are also cautious about who they invest their time and energy with.

Why Do People Think This Way?

Shyness, unwanted stress and anxiety, letting insecurities run your life, not knowing how to introduce yourself to others, and fear in general can be factors of why someone will keep to themselves and not talk to someone. These factors can cause someone to think other people are not approachable. If your confused and/or don’t understand something, you don’t ask a question or for help and you just keep it to yourself. However that’s not always the case.

People give off vibes about their personality. This is can be from the way they talk and the way they act around friends, family, and strangers. Some people say things to invite others into their lives like, “If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask”, or “You can call or text me anytime”. Words say one thing, the behavior from the person can say another.

There are people who can pick up on good and bad vibes from others very easily. There are people who you can open up to about anything. There are those you can open up to, but you are still reserved on some deep personal things.


If you know someone who raises their voice to the point of yelling during a simple conversation and has trouble talking to people, chances are this person isn’t very approachable even if they say you can talk to them anytime you need to. Then you have someone who smiles when they’re around people they know and don’t know. They are being kind and generous to others. When they say things, you can take their word for it. These types of people are approachable to go up to. You can introduce yourself to them and ask them questions easily.

Here’s some tips and ways to approach other people better and how you can become more approachable to others:

  • Be respectful to others and yourself
  • Smile and laugh
  • Take people up on their offer when they say you can ask them anything
  • Use eye contact
  • Take some deep breaths
  • Rehearse your introduction to others
  • Keep your head up
  • Mirror the person your talking to
  • Avoid nervous twitching and habits
  • Be accessible to others
  • If your holding something like a drink, hold it at your side, not in front of your chest
  • Be positive
  • Nod and acknowledge the other person during a conversation

Wrap Up

Anyone can be approachable; only you can decide if that’s you. Confidence doesn’t come easy for some people. It can take time, but that’s ok. Just be patient and keep working on it. If you have trouble looking someone in the eye, try looking at just one of their eyes or in between their eyes until it gets easier. Not everyone is out to get you. People who say ‘you can come to me and ask me questions’ some really do mean it. That goes for the same to those people who say ‘were always here for you’.

Take care, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.

Video Discussion: You can be at Peace Again

So for this video discussion, I decided to talk about a piece of music that is near and dear to my heart.  It comes from the game Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.  I had done a previous video discussion on a this game before which was a cutscene on not comparing yourself to someone else. 

This music to me represents overcoming hardships, bumps in the road, rough patches, storms, dark days, tragedies, anything rough. It can also mean accomplishing anything, breathing a sigh of relief, being filled with joy, happiness, kindness, even love. I encourage you to take a moment to listen to this for a bit and reflect on something that you got through and/or the last time you felt true genuine happiness.

A bit of backstory, this music plays after you beat the game return to the world map. When I first heard this, it was during my social media hiatus. I felt a sense of warmth fill me up. It was a few days after that I figured out that I was healed from the pain and heartache that happened to me back in October 2019. The healing process had come to an end. I also felt at peace and was ready to go back to social media and return to this blog.

Long story short, at the end of October 2019 my brother-in-law unexpectedly passed away at 29. The day before that I got hurt by someone I had feelings for and really cared about. I questioned who I was, the people in my life, sort of ghosted a special friend of mine on and off, closed up, and kept people at arms length.

With Mental Health Awareness month coming to an end, it doesn’t mean that you stop taking care of yourself. Whatever it is that your going through even if it’s hard, you can get through it. If you are healing from something, keep working at it; in time, you will be healed. If you are working through something and you feel stagnant and/or are taking steps back, it’s ok that can happen. If you think this storm your going through will not end, it will end.

I got through my storm, rough spots, and tough days, so you can as well. Your most definitely not alone. People you go to school with, volunteer with, work with, and those around you right now are probably dealing with something difficult or have dealt with something tough in their life.

To those who are dealing with unwanted stress, depression, a broken heart, or high levels of anxiety, cry if you need to, let out a scream in private, write down your thoughts and feelings, seek professional help, talk to a trusted friend, family member, teacher, or individual. You will get through it, you’ll be stronger for going through it and you’ll be wiser because you’ll learn from it.

Even though I healed, that doesn’t mean I’m immune to unwanted stress, anxiety, or any kind of pain. What I know is that I’m more prepared to handle any new bad thing that comes my way. I’m human, I’m not perfect which means tough days can still happen to me and I can still make mistakes. I look to see what I can learn from those mistakes and those tough days.

Take care, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.

Video Time: The Importance of Mental Health

Hi everyone. I want to change the content a bit. This post has 3 videos describing the importance of mental health. Mental health isn’t visible yet it affects our spiritual, emotional, and physical health. Mental health isn’t something to make fun of or dismiss. We are all fighting battles we don’t tell everyone even our closest friends and family members.

Stress isn’t a 100% bad thing. We need a bit of stress to alarm us to recognize unwanted stress. Trying to not let stress become too much for us to handle is one of life’s greatest challenges.

Take care, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.

Routines and Rituals…You Love Them Or You Don’t

We wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, get dressed, do all we need to in order to get ready for the day. Then we go to school or work and spend hours doing those things. We come home, do dishes, homework, fix something, relax, watch TV or a movie, play video games, listen to music, take a nap, go to church, meditate, do yoga, exercise, spend time with our family, etc. So many things can happen, but we have those days where we have to run errands, we go over a friends house, go to an appointment, dine out on certain days. Several combinations of these events can happen in any order and the number of them varies with all of us. This is what a routine and a ritual is.

Routines are a part of our lives. Some of us have daily routines that we follow every day. Some of us may not have one, not know how to make one, or not able to stick with them. Now if you don’t have a routine, your not alone. There is a lot of people who don’t know what they’ll do today, the next day, or a few days from now and that’s fine. If you have a daily routine with a little, some, or many things packed into it, your also not alone. A lot of people have something or things they need to get done every day, the next day, the end of the week, and by the end of the month. Routines can make or break us though.

A ritual is the same thing as a ritual, but a little different in terms of your attitude toward them. A morning ritual that includes meditation for example, is very helpful for some people because it helps them relax and focus their minds. Rituals have a deep meaning to people. There are people who see yoga as a ritual because yoga helps them in mentally and physically. Those who engage in rituals have a positive attitude toward them and get some kind of benefit out of them. You may already be involved in a ritual. If it’s helping you and keeping you healthy and safe, stick with it. If you don’t have one, that’s fine. If you want one, I would suggest that you start experimenting more with your hobbies and what you like to do to see what impact they are having on your life. If you want to try something new, go for it. Keep experimenting until you find what your looking for.

Routines have a positive and negative to them. The positive thing about them is that they can provide us with structure in our lives. Routines can be a foundation to different things in our life. They can help us keep track of various tasks and errands that need to get done. Routines can help set the tone for our minds for the day. A routine is helpful for keeping us on track with things and can stave off stress. There are people who use planners, write everything they need to get down on their calendars especially if they have a lot going on.

The negative side to having a routine is that too much structure can cause unwanted stress. People try to take into account every minute of every day and try to schedule something in it. The reality is that life can throw a curve ball at you at any moment and mess things up. This can cause any thing that is planned at a later time to fall off track. This can result in scrambling and stress. Routines can also cause your life to become stale. You do the same thing every day and nothing new gets mixed in. Sometimes people don’t notice this until someone points it out to them. Things can get boring and you may not know what to do about it because you have been doing it for quite some time it may have become second nature to you.

If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut with your routine or you want to spice things up in your life, here are some tips on how to do that:

  • Meet a new person, new people
  • Drive a different way to work
  • Change the order you do your homework
  • Do something you don’t normally do like go to a movie after school or after work
  • Try a new restaurant
  • Hang out somewhere different
  • Try a new food
  • Learn a new thing
  • Change the way you exercise. Add more reps, a new exercise, the order and what day you them

A routine and what you define as a ritual can be incorporated into your life. It’s all about finding the right balance that works for you. If you don’t have a routine and want to make one, I would suggest that you start slow. For example, schedule to do one thing every morning whatever that is. As time goes on, add more things. You can plan an activity to do in the afternoon. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s not more than you can handle. You don’t have to fill up every minute or hour of the day.

Your attitude is what will inform you on what is working for you and what isn’t. For example, if you always feel rushed when doing something because you want to get it done and move on to the next thing, then you may need to make some adjustments to eliminate unwanted anxiety and stress. If your doing something and you can’t enjoy it because your thinking about the next thing or something else, an adjustment may need to be made as well. Remember to enjoy the things you do even when you’re eating something; that is what makes life great. It’s easy to get caught up in what we need to do that we forget to enjoy life. I’m still learning this and working at it, but Ferris Bueller said it well. “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it”.