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Symbolism: What is a Strong Foundation?

Hi everyone, hope your well. So this topic is something that I learned a few years back. My dad had taught me this concept and I learned how important it is to have a strong foundation in anything you do not just construction work. What is a Foundation? Maybe some of you are familiar with…

Inspired and Motivated or Jealous and Envyness of Someone?

Hi everyone, sorry for not posting last week; I wasn’t feeling too well. Winter is definitely here in the U.S. Take care of yourselves and stay safe on the roads. Hopefully you all don’t succumb to the flu or major illnesses. Inspired and Motivated by Someone This is a concept that I’m sure you all…

Best Things to Keep in Mind for starting the New Year

Happy New Year everyone, 2023 is here. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with loved ones. To those who have a hard with the holidays, your not alone. I know people personally who have a hard time with the holidays because loved ones have passed away or unfortunately have no one to celebrate with.…