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Food for Thought: Don’t Lose the Love in Your Heart

The love you carry in your heart is something very precious.  It’s the love you have for the people in your life, life itself, and the love you have for yourself.  However, various things can destroy or damage that love.  Words spoken out of anger, betrayal of trust, lies, words and actions that install fear […]

Video Discussion: 7 Things You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty For

Hi there everyone, I hope you all are doing all right.  There are a number of things that we can feel guilty about.  This video focuses on 7 different things that we feel guilty about and how they can influence different aspects of our life. The feeling of guilt can lead to feelings of inadequacy, […]

Video Time: 3 Ways Mindfulness Exercises Help You Relax and Keep You in the Present

Hey everyone, I hope your enjoying the summer season. For this Video Time post, I thought we focus on the topic of Mindfulness. These videos will explain what mindfulness is and the techniques that make it up. These videos will discuss how to lower your stress levels, slow down your thoughts, and focus on your […]


From my last post, I mentioned previous posts about how to deal with negative vibes and that we’re human and not perfect. Here are 3 links to some previous posts I made.