Video Discussion: To See New Things, Empty Your Mind

First video discussion post in a long time. I watched the movie 2012 for the first time in a long time. Even though it was very short, this scene really spoke to me. A bit of background of what led to this scene. A family and group of people are fleeing to ships that will protect them from the end of the world. Elsewhere two monks are talking about what is happening. One monk helps to ease the other ones troubled mind by pouring tea into a cup and allowing it to overflow. Here’s the scene

A Full Mind

So I believe a lot of people are wired like the young monk. People are full of opinions and speculations about themselves, other people, and life itself. Yet people want to learn more and seek wisdom from others.

However, if we are too full of opinions and speculate about every little thing, then our minds are not able to take in new things. Even now, we still live in a fast paced society where we want answers to our questions right away. Our minds can go fast and even go into overdrive. When this happens, we have trouble learning new things or are unable to learn something new and sometimes are not able to see the things right on front of us. Even the simple things seem very complex.

An Open Mind

As the older monk said, to see the light of wisdom, you must first empty your cup. In other words, to accept new knowledge and wisdom from others, we need to slow our minds down. We need to put aside our thoughts, speculations, and opinions and have an open mind. An open mind will allow you to comprehend and learn new things.

This is easier said than done I know. For some people, they have trouble slowly their thoughts down because they’re going from one thing to the next. We also have a tendency to take in the littlest new thing and quickly fit it into our established thought patterns.

However by doing this we assume we don’t need to learn anything else and we close our minds. Some new things take time to learn and we don’t always get the full picture up front. We learn one new thing and then we learn the next part of it at a later time and date.

Wrap Up

The overall moral is we should always be open to new things. We should be patient and not rush the process. Some things are easier to learn than others. Some things take longer to learn and that’s just life which is ok. It’s good to have our own opinions and speculations, we just have to keep them in check every now and then which can be challenging.

Take care, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.

Food for Thought: Receiving Love

At some point in your life you have received various forms of love. Love can come from anyone. Parents, siblings, friends, spouses, boyfriend, girlfriend, animals, even kind-hearted strangers. Love can come when you least suspect it; I’m sure you’ve heard that saying before.

Maybe you heard or learned that love is something you have to earn. While that might be true for when you are dating someone and getting to know them on a deep personal level, this not entirely true in relation to life itself. For example, you should never have to be put in a position where you have to earn love from your parents. Your parents should love you just the way you are.

Sometimes we can be hard on ourselves about every aspect and trait about our personality and life. Our mindset may be wired to where we don’t think we are deserving of love from anyone. Even kind gestures and words, big and small, we think we don’t deserve them.

This can come from various forms of emotional abuse. Guilt tripping, lies, name-calling, body shaming, even giving someone the cold shoulder can hurt someone severely mentally and emotionally speaking. The duration and severity of emotional abuse can take a heavy toll on our mindset and affect how we view ourselves and life itself.

Now remember there are people out there who will give you some form of love. This can be from anything from positive words, a nice gesture, a pat on the back, to a hug and maybe a kiss. They will do so because they like you, love you, and because they are kind hearted people. Now whether or not you accept their love is up to you.

There are people out there who love you just the way you are. You are lovable because you exist. You are love. Love is more about how you treat yourself rather than how others treat you.

Take care, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.

I’m Back

Hi everyone after nearly one year away, I’m back. I’ll keep it brief on what I’ve been up to.

So I took some time to do a lot of self-care work. It had it’s ups and downs and stagnant days. At the beginning of the year, I got Covid which put me out of commission for awhile. I tried a new job which didn’t really suit me and was draining along with having another part time job with it. I lost some money through cryptocurrency. I have been working with a counselor and briefly with a life coach who have been tremendously helpful.

Now I’m working as a dietary aide at a assisted living facility full-time. I’m also studying again to take my exam to get licensed for counseling. I’m living more in the present and have gotten much better at not comparing myself to others.

So the plan is I’m going to post once a week for the time being. Before I took a break, I did redesign my blog with a new layout. The new post will be a symbolism post and will be posted tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience. I appreciate you all for following my blog and taking the time to read my content. I’m doing much better than I was this time last year. Take care, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.

Christmas Update

Hi everyone, I hope your all doing well and that the holidays are treating you all right. So I know I’ve been away for quite some time; well I have some updates.

So I’m currently working two part time jobs, one in the morning and the other from the afternoon into the evening. Right now all my energy and attention have gone into acclimating my daily routine into balancing and working both jobs while trying to not get burned out.

Those of you who are following me and get emails of when I upload posts, may have noticed that I redesigned my logo and changed the overall theme.

I also have been thinking of new ideas of writing different kinds of posts and setting up new pages. I’ll keep you posted on that.

Thank you all for being patient with me as I balance two jobs and work on some personal things in my life. I hope to get back to uploading posts soon. I truly appreciate all of you who follow, like, and comment on my posts. I enjoy seeing and reading your feedback.

Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season as 2021 comes to a close. Spend time with loved ones, have fun, and relax, you’ve earned it. For those of you where Christmas isn’t the most wonderful time of the year, your not alone in your struggles. I’ll send good vibes your way and say a prayer for you all. Take care, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.

Symbolism: What You Build and Create is Different Than Others

You are Your Own Person

My very first post when I started this blog was a post on comparing yourself to others. This concept is a real struggle for some people. So for this symbolism post I thought I talk about in another perspective.

As we get older, we begin to create our own lifestyle. However, other people’s lifestyles can make us feel jealous and envyness. Sometimes we focus our mindset towards what others. This can be because they either have qualities, traits, or material things that we want or we think their way of life is than ours.

So I want you to focus on the first tree in the center of the pic. What do you notice? It’s not a huge tree. It looks to be in good health. It has a handful of branches that aren’t real big or long, but it has a bunch of green leaves.

Someone planted this tree and mother nature has been good to it and taken care of it. Now this tree didn’t get this way over night or in 1 week. It took time for it to get this way. Just like when you build or create something big like a house or a diorama, it takes time and effort to complete them.

Now don’t get me wrong, some things can get done in a day or less than a days time. The point is that every big business or actors successful TV and/or film career didn’t come about in a short time. That business success and fame took time to grow.

Now look at this pic. What’s different from the first? Well there are more trees. These trees are very big. They have more branches and they are longer and stronger. These individual trees have way more leaves on them.

Each of these trees are in good health and they have been around for a long time. Now think back what I just mentioned about the first tree. These trees have had more time to become what they are.

Overall Point

Success isn’t always achieved overnight or in a days time. The bigger and biggest things take time, energy, and effort to develop. Everyone starts from a different starting line. If you have built and created something and it’s only gotten as successful as the progress of the first tree, that’s fine. Don’t let the success of people and the creation of other things (the big trees) discourage you.

You don’t always know the full story. Those that make it appear like everything is going great and problem free, may be hiding some huge problems. If that’s the case, you should feel lucky that you don’t have to deal with those huge problems.

Some people only like talking about their successes which isn’t a bad thing. However, this can give push people away and intimidate them into thinking that they are not good enough or failures. They may think that nothing wrong ever happens to that person.

Now this goes into how someones mindset is. If it’s a pessimistic one, then that can cause unwanted stress. If it’s a optimistic one, someone can be happy for the other person’s accomplishment and maybe even get inspired from it.

One last thing, don’t put down or make fun of whatever someone else has created and built regardless of the size. A lot of work and passion went into creating whatever it is. The person who created it probably feels proud of it. Be nice to one another.

Take care, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.

Food for Thought: Don’t Put Out Someone Elses Candle Just to Make Yours Brighter

This saying really got me thinking when I first heard it. It helped me appreciate the friends I have even more. So maybe you all haven’t heard this exact phrase, but maybe something like it.

All of us have dealt with various struggles in our life. Yes some of us more than others. We shouldn’t put each other down. You could say we should share the spotlight with others instead of hogging it.

Here’s a scenario, say you and a friend are hiking up a big hill. You both reach the top, you feel great and have energy to spare. Yet your friend is tired and more exhausted than you. The moral is that you should give praise your friend for making it to the top. You shouldn’t belittle them for being tired and gloat that the hike was very easy for you.

You wouldn’t like it if someone put you down, belittled, or mocked you for something that you worked so hard at especially if it wasn’t easy for you to accomplish right? We should encourage and lift up each other especially our friends, family, co-workers, and fellow students. You don’t always know what kind of battles and struggles they are dealing with. That big amount of praise or even those few words like “Well Done” or ” You did it” can do wonders for a person’s overall well being.

Take care, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.

Food for Thought: Your Not Alone, We’re All Doing Something Different Together

Throughout the time I started this blog, the main idea ‘your not alone’ hasn’t changed. I have talked about various topics where someone can feel alone. Various factors, circumstances, events can make us feel alone directly and indirectly. Just remember, your not the only one who is dealing or feeling whatever it is that your going through or even have went through.

We are all doing something different together. We are all on different paths in our life. Sometimes those paths cross each other, sometimes are paths are alongside each other.

Just because your friend is doing something different than you, that doesn’t mean that they have abandoned or forgotten about you. Your life can be really busy with work, school, both, or even raising children, for example while your two friends from college are traveling the world and going to different events in your community. You can feel down and alone because you don’t see them as much or hang out like you all used to.

They are on a different path than you and that is fine. It doesn’t mean their path is better than your path or your path is better than theirs. This idea can be misconstrued and that is where stress and anxiety can come in and make us feel bad about ourselves.

You have to live your life and your circle of friends and family have to live theirs. You have your priorities and things to get done and manage just like everyone else. Every life path is unique and different. Your doing something different than the person sitting right in front of you and that person is doing something different than the person across the room. We all may be doing something different, but as a collective, we’re doing it together.

Take care, stay safe, and remember that your not alone and you have worth in this world.

Food for Thought: Being and Living in the Present Can Tough

We want to plan for our future and look back or dwell in the past. So we try to live in the present and focus on the day ahead. Yet this is easier said than done.

If were going through any kind of struggle (emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual), living in the present can be tough. We encounter things that are out of our control. We get curve balls that throw our daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly schedules for a loop. When these things happen, we want to focus on the future outcomes and look back on what happened. Our attention is driven back to the future and the past.

Being emotionally present can be tough to do if you have a whirlwind of emotions going on. Mentally your attention and focus can be scattered and your being driven by your out of control emotions. Maybe you have a physical ailment that is taking your attention and focus. You might have just gotten your wisdom teeth pulled and your attention and focus is all on the pain your feeling. Maybe someone just passed away who you were very close to and now you may be questioning your morals, values, or the spiritual beliefs you hold dear.

If all 4 of these aspects aren’t in check, then trying to be present can be difficult. Being present can be one of the hardest things to do and master. Over the course of our life, we are told to focus and plan on our future. Look back and learn from our mistakes. Even though these are good, we aren’t taught how to look forward properly and come back to the present. We also aren’t taught how to not dwell on the past and come back to the present.

Don’t give up if your trying to master this concept. Some days it’s easier and some days it’s harder; I speak from experience. Ask trusted friends, family members, teachers, or counselors for tips and advice if your struggling. Remember your not perfect; no is perfect.

Take care, stay safe, and remember that your not alone and you have worth in this world.

Food for Thought: Being Challenged = Change

You probably have heard how you need to challenge yourself to new things. You may also have heard that change can be a good thing. Have you heard the phrase, you can’t change unless your challenged? Maybe you haven’t heard this phrase before or heard this exact wording; I know I didn’t.

We all go through all kinds of different challenges and trials in our lives. Experiencing a new thing is a trial itself; you can consider it a challenge as well depending on what it is. Theses challenges and trials can help us grow and expand our horizon of skills and knowledge.

Change is something that people embrace and fear. Change can be enriching, but also scary. We can be heavily involved in our ways and routines that we put off or ignore any kind of change. Change can mean taking yourself of our comfort zone into the new or unknown.

So back to the phrase, you can’t change unless your challenged. Family members, teachers, employees, students, mentors, friends, spouse, your boyfriend, or girlfriend will challenge you directly or indirectly. Some will challenge you to learn a new skill, to be a better person, or to feel and express your emotions.

People will push you out of your comfort zone, not to make you feel uncomfortable, but to expand your horizon. They may want to help you see things in a new perspective or from their point of view. They want to help you grow. We can get stuck in our mental, spiritual, emotional, even our physical growth and not realize it. Those who care about us and our well being only want to help in the best way they can.

Sometimes its easy to accept change, sometimes its hard. Those we know and don’t know are on the same playing field. Sometimes its easier to change for the better by strangers encouraging us those we care about. Sometimes its the opposite; everyone is different. Now there are many other ways a person can change. You can read something new, learn new things by doing them, watch another person do something, or hear someone explain it to you. Change can be a good thing, but remember don’t change the core morals and values that make you unique and special.

Take care, stay safe, and remember that your not alone and you have worth in this world.

Taking a Break

So I wanted to let you all know that I’m going to be taking a break for awhile.  Looking for work is a job itself which can be draining.  I recently realized that I pushed myself too hard which has caused me to be hard on myself and caused me to be mentally exhausted. 

Recently I have educating myself more on self-care habits which are helping me.  I’m putting my energy and effort onto being gentle on myself and appreciating all that I have and to be grateful for it.

Again thank you all for the support.  I read all your comments and I appreciate them, the likes, as well as the feedback.

Take care, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.