Symbolism: What is a Strong Foundation?

Hi everyone, hope your well. So this topic is something that I learned a few years back. My dad had taught me this concept and I learned how important it is to have a strong foundation in anything you do not just construction work.

What is a Foundation?

Maybe some of you are familiar with this concept, if not that’s ok. As you can see with the picture above, that is the foundation of a building in the works. The concrete and metal rods are going to support all the walls, floors, appliances, people, and so many other things. If this all wasn’t in place, the floor built above it would collapse; which also means that any floor built above the second floor will come crumbling down as well.

That being said, building upon your core morals and values is no different. You need a strong foundation to do so.

Why it’s Important to Have a Strong Foundation

Having a strong foundation keeps things stable and afloat. That’s a general way to put it. Building upon a foundation takes time. The end goal is different for every person. Some things take more time to build and create.

However, building or creating something comes with setbacks. Things don’t always go the way you plan. Things break and there are delays; that’s just life. Whatever it is your building or creating can come start to crumble along the way.

The same can be said if your trying to eliminate bad habits and replace them with good ones. The concept applies to those who are rewiring their mindsets to stop negative thinking and negative self-talk to positive self-talk and positive thinking.

If things start falling apart, it’s not the end of the world. If you have a strong foundation, you can rebuild without having to start from scratch. If you try to incorporate a new habit into your life it’s not always easy. You have good days of progress, some days you don’t; then there are those days you take a few steps back.

The Consequences of Not Having a Strong Foundation

Not having a strong foundation can bring everything down and it’s harder to pick yourself up from that. Mentally, fear can set in and cause high levels of anxiety and depression. Some people don’t like to start something from scratch after they spent so much time building it or creating it. As demonstrated from the pic above, though the real reason for why this building came down is unknown, the point is that it will have to be rebuilt from scratch.

So ask yourself this, do prefer to create something fast and build upon it risking that the whole thing will need to be rebuilt from the ground up if something happens to it? Or do you prefer to build something and take your time while solidifying a strong foundation?

Wrap Up

If you struggle with building a strong foundation in different aspects of your life, your not alone. It took me time to create one and people are in the process of creating one, rebuilding from scratch, and building upon a foundation already established right now. Fear, uncertainty, high levels of stress, sometimes depression, and chaos can occur if a strong foundation isn’t established mentally. Quality is important; if you build a foundation right, it will last a long time, and you will be happy that you did.

Take care, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.


Symbolism: How to see the Full Picture and Get Clarity on Your Life

Sorry about the lack of posting last week. Work is still hectic and busy for me. So this post could have been a video discussion post, but I feel this topic has more symbolism in it. With that said here is some background info on the video. It features an item from the video game The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword called the Gust Bellows.

Clear the Clutter

So as you saw the Gust Bellows is an item that pretty much shoots out a continuous large gust of wind. Here is where the symbolism comes in. We are the character in the video named Link. Picture the sand as the fog and confusion you have about your life or various topics. Underneath the sand there is the clarity and the full picture of the situation and/or to your questions. The gust bellows represents the tools and techniques we can use to remove that fog and uncertainty in our lives.

If you have felt that there is some unclarity, uncertainty, in your life as well as confusion, your not alone. To remove the fog and confusion (the sand), we sometimes have to change our mindset. We have to unlearn old habits and implement new ways of thinking and create good healthy habits (the gust bellows). When we do that, we can start removing all the confusion and uncertainty in our lives.

To be real with all of you, eliminating that uncertainty and getting some clarity may reveal some truths that we may not like or be ready for. In the video, you saw some spikes come out the floor. Picture those spikes as some harsh truths which we have to face and sometimes accept and yes they can hurt.

On the flipside, clearing that confusion, getting answers to questions we have can reveal good things. In the video, green gems called rupees were revealed when the sand was blown away. In the game, rupees are currency to buy items, upgrades, and materials for Link. Also when the sand was removed, the right path for Link was revealed. Clearing that confusion in our lives can give us the guidance we need and to find and follow our own path. Getting that clarity to confusing things in our lives and those answers to our questions feels great right?

Wrap Up

So overall, we are faced with uncertainty, confusion, and unanswered questions in our lives. We don’t always see the full picture or big picture figuratively speaking. However with the right tools and help from other people in our lives, we can. Does this process take time, it can. Everyone is different; lets just say some remove the sand faster than others. If your someone who needs more time to remove the sand, that is fine. Everyone moves at a different pace and no pace is the same.

Take care, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.

Symbolism: The Cocoon, the Healing, the Transformation

Have you ever retreated to a place where you needed comfort and safety from something bad? Did you need to be in a place where you needed healing and to work on yourself? If you answered yes to any of these then your not alone. Many people do this throughout there lives and there is nothing wrong with that.

The Cocoon: The Beginning

By now you may be wondering why do I keep mentioning the word cocoon. We all know a caterpillar creates a cocoon and then comes out a butterfly. While the caterpillar is inside the cocoon, it’s safe and it starts to evolve into its next phase of life.

When we go through phases, rough roads, trials, transformations, and transitions in life, we can be dealing with a handful of emotions. Sometimes we find ourselves in a place whether it be a new home, new room, or new school where we can be safe and grow as a person. These places are sometimes temporary.

We can view theses kinds of places as safe havens to escape from a bad situation or living arrangement. For example, a wife ends up living in a new apartment after she gets divorced from her husband. This apartment can serve as a safe haven (the cocoon) for the wife. She can work on healing, getting her life back together. and moving forward from the divorce.

The Butterfly: The Transformation

Remember the cocoon phase is only temporary. After you got out of survival mode and felt better about yourself, did you feel that you were ready to tackle the world with a new perspective? Did you feel like you were ready to spread your wings again? I have felt like this and know many friends who have as well; so your not alone.

After coming out the cocoon figuratively speaking, you feel transformed. You can have either more energy, a new mindset, new strength or all three for example. You feel ready to spread your wings and soar to new heights. Maybe that sounds a little cheesy, but people who come out of the cocoon phase are ready to tackle new goals and do things they thought were once unachievable.

Wrap Up

New perspectives along with new mindsets can feel like a breath of fresh air for your mind and soul. Your thinking differently, you have a better and healthy mindset, and you have a better tolerance against negative things. Maybe your in a cocoon phase right now; if so that’s fine.

Maybe you got out of something horrible and you’ve been healing for a while now. You’ve been doing some self work on yourself. Your unlearning bad habits and developing better ones. All of this is fine, don’t let anyone put you down or tell you otherwise. You may even have some friends and family members who are in a cocoon phase and/or have transformed into butterflies.

Take care, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.

Symbolism: What You Build and Create is Different Than Others

You are Your Own Person

My very first post when I started this blog was a post on comparing yourself to others. This concept is a real struggle for some people. So for this symbolism post I thought I talk about in another perspective.

As we get older, we begin to create our own lifestyle. However, other people’s lifestyles can make us feel jealous and envyness. Sometimes we focus our mindset towards what others. This can be because they either have qualities, traits, or material things that we want or we think their way of life is than ours.

So I want you to focus on the first tree in the center of the pic. What do you notice? It’s not a huge tree. It looks to be in good health. It has a handful of branches that aren’t real big or long, but it has a bunch of green leaves.

Someone planted this tree and mother nature has been good to it and taken care of it. Now this tree didn’t get this way over night or in 1 week. It took time for it to get this way. Just like when you build or create something big like a house or a diorama, it takes time and effort to complete them.

Now don’t get me wrong, some things can get done in a day or less than a days time. The point is that every big business or actors successful TV and/or film career didn’t come about in a short time. That business success and fame took time to grow.

Now look at this pic. What’s different from the first? Well there are more trees. These trees are very big. They have more branches and they are longer and stronger. These individual trees have way more leaves on them.

Each of these trees are in good health and they have been around for a long time. Now think back what I just mentioned about the first tree. These trees have had more time to become what they are.

Overall Point

Success isn’t always achieved overnight or in a days time. The bigger and biggest things take time, energy, and effort to develop. Everyone starts from a different starting line. If you have built and created something and it’s only gotten as successful as the progress of the first tree, that’s fine. Don’t let the success of people and the creation of other things (the big trees) discourage you.

You don’t always know the full story. Those that make it appear like everything is going great and problem free, may be hiding some huge problems. If that’s the case, you should feel lucky that you don’t have to deal with those huge problems.

Some people only like talking about their successes which isn’t a bad thing. However, this can give push people away and intimidate them into thinking that they are not good enough or failures. They may think that nothing wrong ever happens to that person.

Now this goes into how someones mindset is. If it’s a pessimistic one, then that can cause unwanted stress. If it’s a optimistic one, someone can be happy for the other person’s accomplishment and maybe even get inspired from it.

One last thing, don’t put down or make fun of whatever someone else has created and built regardless of the size. A lot of work and passion went into creating whatever it is. The person who created it probably feels proud of it. Be nice to one another.

Take care, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.

Symbolism: How Water and Negativity are Related

Hi everyone, so this title might be a bit puzzling to some of you. You may be puzzled by a picture of the Titanic sinking. Well hopefully this quote sheds some light onto the topic.

Water can Bring you Down as Well as Negativity

Most of you probably know this, the Titanic sank because water got inside the ship from the collision with the iceberg and sank it. The shipped filled up with water and brought it down to the ocean floor of the Atlantic Ocean. Negativity can bring us down just like water.

Now remember this whole post is meant to be symbolic. We are the ship and water is the negative vibes we encounter in our life that get under our skin (inside the ship). If we let negative vibes and bad attitudes get to us, that can bring down our morale. The negativity we encounter in life can get under our skin and we can sink into depression or succumb to high levels of stress and anxiety. Sometimes the negative and toxic things in this world can get to us and we don’t always notice it.

We Don’t Always Sink

Water surrounds ships yet they don’t sink unless it gets inside the structure. We can be surrounded with negativity anywhere we are and anywhere we go. However if we don’t let negative vibes and bad attitudes get to us, our morale stays intact and nothing brings down our mood.

Wrap Up

I hope you all understood this post. This was meant to help you understand something that is a mental concept, but in a physical sense. Your not alone if you try to keep negative vibes out of your life, yet they still get to you. Were human, were not perfect. There are ways and techniques in which we can keep negativity out of our lives; I have mentioned many numerous ways in previous posts. Look back at them if you need a refresher.

Take care, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.

Symbolism: The Roads of Life

Hi everyone it has been awhile since I have done a symbolism post. I’ve talked about how we are all on different roads in life. Some roads intersect and some go in the opposite direction from our friends and loves ones. The roads of life are different for everyone and they are smooth and bumpy.

This kind of road resembles how life has ups and downs. We have great moments where we feel like we’re on cloud 9. We also have moments where we feel tired, stressed, and overwhelmed.

This pic symbolizes someone who is going through a very rough time. We feel like we hit rock bottom, the stress and anxiety were feeling is overwhelming. We can feel depressed and the light at the end of the tunnel is nowhere in sight.

We have bad moments and storms that we go through in our lives. Some are unavoidable, some are caused by others, and the experience can take a toll on our physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional health.

Like the first pic, life has it’s ups and downs. This one to me symbolizes how we work hard to achieve something great where we can feel accomplished and satisfied. The journey up is not always easy and can be tiresome. The hill the road is on symbolizes that.

Life has a way of taking unexpected turns which can be beneficial to us. We end up staying away from things, environments, or people that we thought we help improve our lives but ultimately would end up hurting us. We don’t always know that though.

However, those unexpected turns can happen at any moment and throw a wrench in our lives and the plans we have. We sometimes have no choice but to take that detour and go forward.

This pic is a smooth road which is something we all hope and strive to be on. Some of us are on that road right now. There are no rough spots, no forks, no turns, and no bumps. Being on a smooth road means that there is no unwanted stress, we’re not worried about anything, and we feel fulfilled and calm.

Wrap Up

All roads are smooth and rough. All I can say is when your on that smooth road, savior every moment. The rough roads don’t last forever. Moral support from friends and loved ones makes being on those roads easier to handle. Being able to adapt, change, and be flexible is what will help you when those unexpected turns in the road happen.

Take care, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.

Symbolism: Trees With or Without Leaves Still = Beauty

This concept came from another friend of mine from the church we both attend. She is a full time student currently attending Sioux Falls Seminary. She mentioned about seeing the beauty in the trees even without their leaves on her Instagram.

You may have to use your imagination and critical thinking to understand this topic and follow along.

Take a look at this tree. It looks great and beautiful right? On our best days, we too feel great about ourselves. We feel great about ourselves, other people, and the world in general. We have more of a positive mindset.

So this tree has no leaves on it. Some may think where is the beauty in this one or this tree will look great once it has leaves. Well have you thought about those things in terms of yourself? Have you said ‘I’m not good looking’, or ‘Once I clean up, put make up on, or comb or cut my hair, then I will look great’?

Now what I’m getting at is that though one tree has leaves and the other doesn’t, they both still have beauty. They have the same beauty, just a different look. Both trees are alive right? Both trees have strong branches right? There’s beauty right there.

Both trees provide life and shelter to different lifeforms. Those lifeforms don’t care how one tree looks compared to the other one. If the the tree with no leaves can provide a home for a squirrel for example, that squirrel will live there; it doesn’t care how it looks.

Now I’m not an expert on insects or animals that live in trees or trees in general, I’m assuming that both trees or healthy and alive.

You are the Tree

Now let’s take the trees out of the equation and substitute them with ourselves. The tree and branches are us as a person to the world. On good days we feel great and positive, so we look like the tree with leaves. On gloomy or bad days, we can look like the tree with no leaves.

Now remember what I said about make up, cutting and combing our hair picture? Picture the leaves as the make up, putting on really nice clothes, a wonderful haircut, and deodorant. When you do all that to yourself, don’t you think or say you look great when you look at yourself in the mirror? Did you think when you saw the tree with leaves that it looks great? Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t.

See the similarities; both statements include the words ‘look(s)’ and ‘great’. We recognize the beauty of ourselves.

Now switching gears again, the tree with no leaves can symbolize us not all glammed up, having a bad hair day, and feeling down. We don’t believe there is any beauty there.

The Moral

As I mentioned both trees have beauty, just a different kind. As people, there are all kinds of beauty as well. Beauty isn’t just an outward appearance; there is beauty within us all. Those who truly embrace that part of themselves can not only feel good about themselves, but can make others feel good about themselves too.

The pic above is leaf buds. Are we going to say that it isn’t beautiful because they are only buds and not leaves? I wouldn’t because those buds are alive and the start of something that will look great if taken care of and in time. The trees that are out there now in some areas of the world don’t have leaves, but soon they will have buds on them.

Going back to the squirrels, they didn’t care what the trees looked like on the outside. There are friends and family members who still see the beauty in you despite what you look like on the outside. Outward appearances can change, but inward beauty, most of the time, doesn’t.

Wrap Up

So if you have been feeling down lately or right now, one your not alone there are many many others unfortunately feeling that way right now. Two if are doing any kind of “me work” to feel better about yourself or to heal, then you may have some leaf buds starting to grow on your branches and I wish you good luck on that. You are loved for exactly who you are; your unique and special.

Take care, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.

Symbolism: Don’t Just Recharge Your Batteries, Recharge Yourself

Sometimes we think we have all the energy in the world and that we can do anything and everything. Well that ain’t exactly our reality. As we get older, yes we don’t have as much energy as we did when we were younger, but is there another reason behind that?

Humans Have a Battery Life Too

Just like our phones, computers, laptops, iPads, for example, we too have a battery life. Let that sink in for a bit. When you wake up in the morning, do you feel fully recharged, somewhat, or not at all? Do one of these battery pics symbolise you throughout the day or your life in general? If they do, trust me your not alone. There are people out there who feel full of energy, some who have just enough to get through the day, and there are others who are burned out all the time. Your one of these people along with so many others.

I have mentioned in previous posts about being burned out and energy consumption. With everything we do we are using energy thus our battery life goes down. What one should know is where or what is most of their energy being consumed or going? Knowing the answer to that can help one to better manage their battery life.

This question really got me thinking. Is this our reality in our society today? Are we giving ourselves the chance to recharge like we do with all of our other electronic devices? Are we giving ourselves the same amount of love and care as we give to our electronic devices? Are our electronic devices a higher priority than ourselves? Are you coming home from work, school, somewhere, or got done doing something where you used up a lot of energy and are falling asleep and crashing on your bed or couch? I want you to really think about these questions.

Are you saying yes to some of them, no to some of them? Are you saying yes to all of them? Are you say no to them because you have found a good balance in your life? I want you to be honest with yourselves and not sugar coat anything. Are you arriving at some answers that are make you feel uncomfortable; well once again your not alone. There are dozens of people who have answered yes and no to the questions you said yes and no too.

What do I Do Now?

I recently gave this advice to a friend of mine. It’s not a crime to take time for yourself. We all need a break every now and then. Someone once told me that putting yourself first is always important and you should never feel bad about that. Now this may sound selfish, but ask yourself this. If we are too busy doing one thing after another, whether that’s work, school, volunteering, helping others, chores, for example, where is the time to recharge ourselves? Sometimes the answer to that question is there is no time. If we are unable to recharge yourselves, then it can lead to burnout.

Going to back to the symbolism post on refilling your cup, the advice I mentioned in that is what you can do to recharge your battery life. Engaging in your hobbies, meditating, resting, eating a healthy meal or eating in general, or just doing the things you love and are passionate about. There are things you do in your life that yes may use energy, but you don’t feel depleted; at the end, you feel fine. These things will help get your battery life back to full power.

Wrap Up

Recharging your battery life can take a little bit of time, a few hours, a day, a couple days, maybe a week. Only you know the answer to that question. Recharging your battery life may take some trial and error, but that’s ok. If you haven’t learned how to manage your energy, try the things I mentioned until you figure it out. Try not to be hard on yourself and be patient with yourself. This is also one of the things I worked a lot on during my hiatus from social media last year. If I can figure out a good balance, then you can too.

Take care, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.

Symbolism: Foundations The Ones We Can See and Can’t See

When it comes to building anything in life, you always need a solid foundation to start out with. Building a skyscraper for example needs a strong foundation to be built upon. The Empire State Building, Washington Monument, the Sphinx, or the Temple of Heaven wouldn’t be what they are without firm foundations. Not all foundations consist of bricks, wood, nails, beams, stones, concrete, or other building materials.

A lasting, strong, and meaningful relationship with a friend, loved one, business partner, family member, etc needs a strong foundation too. As time goes on, you build more and more on top of your foundation. You continue to expand reaching new heights, learning new skills, and acquiring new kinds of knowledge.

Build Upon

Once your foundation is well established, you can start adding more. In the picture above, these construction workers are building the next part of the building. They wouldn’t be able to do that if the foundation at the bottom wasn’t strong and keeping things up.

Going back the relationship aspect, taking the next step can succeed if the foundation is solid. For example, say you decide you want to marry your girlfriend after 2 months of dating. What you should ask yourself is if the foundation of your relationship is strong enough to make the leap into the engagement phase and then into marriage.

How well do you really know her? Do you know her likes and dislikes of foods, movies, pets, hobbies, etc? How well do you and her handle and resolve arguments? Are you willing to spend the rest of your life with her and living with her day in and day out? Do you sympathize and empathize with her and vice versa? Does she contribute you what you contribute to the relationship?

All these questions are the building pieces of a foundation. If you can’t answer some of these questions, your missing a piece or pieces that will be needed to not only keep the foundation strong, but those pieces are needed to be built upon in the future.

Changing things up a bit. If you want to marry your girlfriend after 2 years of dating, that’s a different story. Chances are both of you have spent a lot of time getting to know one another. You both know each other’s likes and dislikes. You both know how to handle and resolve arguments. There is a strong connection between the two of you where you don’t second guess each others actions. With these things in mind, your in better shape to live together and spend the rest of your life with her.

Wrap Up

Foundations help shape us into who we are. They are also what keeps big buildings standing. If a building was missing pieces as it was being built, that can spell trouble, but it wouldn’t be catastrophic. If the foundation is solid, what’s broken can be fixed in an easier way.

Now if the building was missing pieces and the foundation wasn’t solid, there is a chance the foundation could crumble and then nothing could be built upon it; the foundation would have to be started from scratch. Think of this in a relationship aspect. Arguments and fights can cause damage to a relationship. Sometimes pieces need to be put back together and the stronger the foundation, the easier it is to pick up the pieces.

Take care, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.

Symbolism: Pouring Your Cup of Liquid Into Others

So the title of this post may have you scratching your head or maybe you said ‘huh’ after reading the title? This idea is something I learned from a friend of mine whose is the son of the pastor at my church. This analogy is something he learned from someone else, then he told me about it, and now, with his permission, I’m sharing it with you.

This pic is a measuring cup filled with liquid. Now here is where the symbolism comes in. The measuring cup represents you. The liquid inside represents your energy. As you do various things (work, exercise, homework, cooking, cleaning, cheering someone, etc) your using up energy and the analogy is your pouring your liquid into other things and other people’s cups.

A friend needs your help with something; so you pour your liquid (use energy) into their cup. Your mother needs helping fixing something in the house; you pour liquid into her cup. Your best friend just had a bad day, so you help them feel better and more of your liquid goes into their cup.

At this point your cup may look like this. You have a very little amount of energy to use or none at all. Now you feel burned out and may not want to do anything.


So how do you refill your cup?

  • Take a day or more to rest up
  • Eat some healthy meals
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Watch your favorite movie or TV show
  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Spend time with friends and family who fill you with joy

There are many more things you can do to refill your cup. Only you truly know what will do that. Having a true passion for something can be refilling. You may be doing something and it can look like your using energy, but that passion, to you, is not any kind of work; it’s something that recharges you and makes you happy.

Repeated Cycle

Now this is where things can work against you. Once your cup is refilled, you start pouring into other people’s cups again. When that happens, your once again fatigued, burned out, and the cycle repeats itself.

Now some people live like this day in and day out. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as their recharging themselves often, but some people can get tired of living like that.

A Different Way

Helping and supporting others is something we all should try to do and you can do that in various forms. Going back to the cup analogy, what my friend told me is that you not only let your cup get full, but let the liquid flow out if yours and into other people’s cups. That way your cup stays full, you don’t get burned out, and you can still help other people.

For those of you who are spiritual or religious, my friend says that he let’s God constantly refill his cup (renergize and recharge him). Those of you who aren’t religious or spiritual, whatever it is that recharges your batteries and refills your cup, that is where you want to divulge your time and energy to. This is where having that true passion comes into play.

Wrap Up

Now this idea is something that can take time to get the hang of. It can be a marathon which shouldn’t be rushed. Also it can be easy to be hard on yourself for making mistakes along the way.

Now I understand with Covid being a thing and all the other things that have happened this year around the world, not everyone’s cup will be all the way full and may not get refilled often. We are operating these days not at 100%; we are at 70, 50, 35, maybe 15% but that’s ok. We all have had a tough and challenging year dealing with the virus and things that we never thought would happen or things we never had to do or dealt with before. We just do the best we can with what we got, that’s all we can do. We shouldn’t compare ourselves with other people; that can just bring our morale down.

If your cup can get full, that’s great. If you are doing what my friend is, that’s great too. If your struggling to fill your cup and keep it full, that’s ok. I guarantee you that in either scenario, your not alone. I’ve struggled to refill my cup numerous times and keeping it full takes time and work.

Take care, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.