Symbolism: How Water and Negativity are Related

Hi everyone, so this title might be a bit puzzling to some of you. You may be puzzled by a picture of the Titanic sinking. Well hopefully this quote sheds some light onto the topic.

Water can Bring you Down as Well as Negativity

Most of you probably know this, the Titanic sank because water got inside the ship from the collision with the iceberg and sank it. The shipped filled up with water and brought it down to the ocean floor of the Atlantic Ocean. Negativity can bring us down just like water.

Now remember this whole post is meant to be symbolic. We are the ship and water is the negative vibes we encounter in our life that get under our skin (inside the ship). If we let negative vibes and bad attitudes get to us, that can bring down our morale. The negativity we encounter in life can get under our skin and we can sink into depression or succumb to high levels of stress and anxiety. Sometimes the negative and toxic things in this world can get to us and we don’t always notice it.

We Don’t Always Sink

Water surrounds ships yet they don’t sink unless it gets inside the structure. We can be surrounded with negativity anywhere we are and anywhere we go. However if we don’t let negative vibes and bad attitudes get to us, our morale stays intact and nothing brings down our mood.

Wrap Up

I hope you all understood this post. This was meant to help you understand something that is a mental concept, but in a physical sense. Your not alone if you try to keep negative vibes out of your life, yet they still get to you. Were human, were not perfect. There are ways and techniques in which we can keep negativity out of our lives; I have mentioned many numerous ways in previous posts. Look back at them if you need a refresher.

Take care, stay safe, and remember your not alone and you have worth in this world.

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  1. Which a brilliant symbolic comparing and beautiful illustration! I got it! It is easy to keep in mind!
    Great thanks and have a great day for everybody!

  2. Definitely appreciate the use of water as a comparison to negativity, in explaining this concept.
    A good idea would have been to place a link to one or two of the other posts you said you wrote on the topic. That way it is easier for your readers to find and you are almost guarenteed more clicks and views on your site.

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