How to See Someone’s Inner Beauty Even if You Struggle to do so 

In a society that often values external appearances, it can be easy to overlook the depth of someone’s inner beauty. Too often, we judge others based on their physical attributes, failing to see the unique qualities that lie within.

However, it is crucial to recognize that true beauty extends far beyond what meets the eye. The beauty within a person encompasses their character, kindness, empathy, and the way they make others feel. Understanding and appreciating that person’s inner beauty allows us to form deeper connections, promote compassion, and cultivate genuine relationships.

In this article, we will explore ways to see someone’s inner beauty, looking beyond the surface and appreciating the qualities that truly define a person. By adopting a more holistic perspective, we can look beyond the standards of society and learn to appreciate the beauty that resides in each individual, enriching our own lives and the lives of those around us. 

What is Inner Beauty?

Inner beauty is the essence of a person that goes beyond their physical appearance. It cannot be defined by conventional standards of attractiveness or external features. While outer beauty is often associated with a person’s physical attributes, such as facial symmetry or body proportions, inner beauty is something that radiates from within.

It encompasses qualities such as kindness, compassion, warmth, and authenticity. It is the glow that shines through a person’s eyes when they are genuinely happy or the warmth that emanates from their smile when they are touched by joy. Inner beauty is not something that can be acquired or obtained through external means.

It is cultivated through personal growth, self-discovery, and experiences that shape a person’s character. In a world that often values outward appearance and superficial qualities, recognizing and appreciating that inner beauty is essential. It is what truly defines a person and has the power to leave a lasting impression on others. 

Reasons You Need to Look Past Outer Beauty 

Life isn’t solely about outer beauty; it encompasses various things that go far beyond physical appearance. While there is no denying that outer beauty has its benefits in certain situations, it is the internal qualities that truly matter in the long run. Looking past outer beauty allows us to connect with someone on a deeper level, understanding their values, interests, and personality traits.

This deeper understanding can enable us to build meaningful relationships that contribute to our personal growth and development. By appreciating the beauty of a person beyond their physical appearance, we can cultivate empathy, compassion, and acceptance. It helps us to see the true essence of an individual, acknowledging their unique experiences and perspectives.

In the end, it is the inner qualities that make a person truly beautiful and can leave a lasting impact on our lives. So, let us not be limited by societal standards of beauty but look beyond the surface to truly appreciate and connect with others. 

Step-by-Step Instructions to See That Inner Beauty 

I’m going to go over some ways you can look past someone’s outer beauty and ways to find their inner beauty. I’ll outline in detail the ways that will help you understand what you can try. 

Firstly, it is important to look beyond physical appearance and focus on their actions and words. Second, spend quality time with them. Third, pay attention to how individuals treat others.

If you have trouble seeing someone’s inner beauty, you are not alone. I have dealt with this on numerous occasions in my life. When we interact with the right people with good morals, values, and an open mind, we see that person’s inner beauty much easier.

Now that we have a general idea of what to look for, let’s look deeper into these ways:

Physical Appearance Isn’t Everything 

Kind, compassionate, and selfless people often radiate an inner beauty that transcends their looks. That true beauty comes from within, and it’s what truly matters. Focusing solely on physical appearance can be limiting, as it doesn’t necessarily reflect the true essence of a person.

Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Embracing inner beauty can help you feel more content, confident, and accepting of yourself and others. 

Spend Quality Time with Them

Engaging in meaningful conversations allows us to understand someone’s values, beliefs, and passions, which contribute to their inner beauty. Quality time is essential in building strong relationships and bonds with the people we love and admire. It benefits both parties, creating a deeper understanding and connection with each other.

Quality time allows us to truly engage with one another, fostering mutual respect and trust. It is during these moments that memories are made, creating lasting and meaningful experiences that strengthen our relationships. 

Observe How Individuals Treat Other People 

Observing how individuals treat others can provide valuable insights into their inner beauty. Those who treat everyone with respect, empathy, and understanding showcase a genuine beauty that stems from within.

Acts of kindness towards those around us demonstrate a genuine care and concern that goes beyond physical beauty. Through these actions, we truly see what really matters to someone. When we appreciate the good in others and acknowledge their efforts in making the world a better place, it also allows us to reflect upon our behavior and strive to be better individuals. 

Key Considerations for Successfully Seeing Inner Beauty 

Seeing inner beauty helps to cultivate a positive and non-judgmental attitude towards people. When we focus on their inner qualities rather than outward appearance, we develop a greater sense of empathy and understanding towards others. This, in turn, strengthens our interpersonal relationships and we can foster deep connections with the people around us. 

I speak from personal experience with 2 people who are very special to me. The more things I learn about, the more beautiful they become to me. I feel grateful and blessed to have them in my life and to call them my friends.

Secondly, recognizing and appreciating inner beauty allows us to see the potential in others. By acknowledging their positive attributes, we can inspire and encourage them to further embrace and develop their inner beauty, thus contributing to their personal growth and happiness.

Taking it to the Next Level: How to Reflect on Our Beauty


Acknowledging inner beauty also promotes self-reflection and personal growth within ourselves. When we observe and admire the inner beauty of others, we are more likely to reflect on our qualities and strive to become better individuals. In this way, appreciating the inner beauty of others becomes a catalyst for personal development and self-improvement.

Ultimately, seeing the inner beauty of people we admire not only brings us happiness but also enables us to build stronger relationships, inspire growth, and foster positive thinking. 

Alternatives to Seeing Inner Beauty 

A friend of mine mentioned seeing the beauty in the trees even without their leaves on her Instagram a while back. 

Take a look at this tree. It looks great and beautiful, right? On our best days, we too feel great about ourselves. We feel great about ourselves, other people, and the world in general.

So this tree has no leaves on it you may think that the beauty of this tree will look great once it has leaves. Well, have you thought about those things in terms of yourself? Have you said ‘I’m not good looking’, or ‘Once I clean up, put make-up on, or comb or cut my hair, then I will look great’?

Wrapping Up and My Experience with Inner Beauty 

I speak from personal experience with two people who are very special to me. The more things I learn about them, the more beautiful they become to me. I feel grateful and blessed to have them in my life and to call them my friends. 

So if you have been feeling down lately or right now, you are not alone there are many others unfortunately feeling that way right now. Two, if are doing any kind of “me work” to feel better about yourself or to heal, then you may have some leaf buds starting to grow on your branches and I wish you good luck on that. You are loved for exactly who you are; you are unique and special.

Take care, stay safe, and remember you are not alone, and you have worth in this world.

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